Women’s History Month 2021: 5 Ways to Celebrate Online

Women’s History Month 2021: 5 Ways to Celebrate Online

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National Women’s History Month encourages us to celebrate, study, and observe the vital role of women in American history. Here are online events to get you started.

March is Women’s History Month, when we ensure there is some Herstory in American history. This national celebration actually began as a small, local event in Santa Rosa, California, in 1978. By 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared a National Women’s History Week, which has now grown into National Women’s History Month.

Here are some ways to explore the multifaceted contributions women make to our society. These events are free or very low cost, and all are completely online to keep you safe during COVID.

1. Tour an online exhibit

    Founded in 1996, the National Women’s History Museum has a huge collection of online exhibitions about women, including women in STEM, women in sports, “The Women of Nasa,” women’s role in the civil rights movement, “Timeline: The History of Nursing,” and more. Flip through and enjoy the exhibits here.

    2. Support women of color and racial equality

      Heather McGhee’s new book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, is getting some much-deserved buzz. Her work on racial justice will be the focus during her talk with Demos. Joining Heather in conversation will be Ford Foundation president Darren Walker and Demos board chair Josh Fryday. March 9, 6 p.m. Eastern. Free, but you need to register to attend.

      And check out these online exhibits:

      3. Rediscover Eleanor Roosevelt

        On Thursday, March 18, the Library of Congress is hosting an online presentation on first lady, humanitarian, and activist Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s presented by David Michaelis, author of the biography Eleanor. 7 p.m. EST; find details here on how to watch.

        4. Sit back and enjoy the art of Frida Kahlo

          On Saturday, March 20, Gregorio Luke, an expert on Mexican and Latin American art, will present a fully illustrated lecture presenting a kaleidoscopic portrait of Frida Kahlo. The lecture features 300 slides of her paintings, documentary photographs, and rare film footage. Learn how this beloved female artist was deeply rooted in Mexican culture and popular art traditions. $7.50, 9 p.m. EST. Get tickets here.

          5. Keep on celebrating women all year long …

            Throughout 2021, the Smithsonian is hosting screenings of women-made films and videos, including rarely seen treasures. Each screening is followed by live conversations with the artists or filmmakers and Smithsonian curators. “Some programs highlight pieces that directly address domestic interiors, engaging issues of childcare and labor; others are sensitive studies of inner psychic lives and emotional experiences. Still others approach video itself as a medium of interiority: a closed circuit between the artist, her camera, and the live image on the monitor,” the Smithsonian reports. Check out the schedule here. The events are free, but registration is required.

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