Practical Solutions to Forgive from the Heart

Practical Solutions to Forgive from the Heart

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“What we need to forgive in others, often is something in ourselves that is hidden from our awareness.”

As we come into the time of year we set aside for heart health, there are different ways to care for our heart. One way is working to heal the feelings we harbor within our heart, where we may be carrying grief, anger, frustration, and lack of forgiveness, to name but a few powerful emotions. In the process of letting go of the emotions that bind us to what we don’t want to carry around like baggage, one thing is key: willingness to forgive. This word, willingness, is about choice and a direct path to empowerment.

Allow peace to be your goal – it’s not your task to change another person, just yourself.”

Well, that all sounds so easy, to just say “I will forgive.” But doing it is another story. It is a conscious choice and an action which gets results. Just wishing or hoping for results doesn’t usually work in this regard. Instead, try the following:

  • Make a decision to focus your attention, and feel in your heart, what you want as an outcome. It makes it easier to override what the ego holds onto.
  • Decide that you are no longer going to suffer from the boomerang effects of the unforgiveness.
  • Be clear that your only outcome is for peace and not to change or punish the other person.
  • Be willing to see the person who hurt you as a lesson, an opportunity to learn. And then be grateful for this opportunity to make the change that is needed.
  • In the process of forgiving another, you forgive yourself. This is often the hardest part, to forgive ourselves.
  • Remember, as you forgive, you are not condoning or agreeing with the other person or their actions.
  • We begin to practice and find value in offering blessings to another, especially when it isn’t always easy to do.

What we need to forgive in others, often, is something in ourselves that is hidden from our awareness. Being humble enough to see this is a wonderful beginning to peace and empowerment. As whatever we hold onto, holds us back from being our Divine self.

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Laurie Wheeler is a transformational holistic practitioner, channel, educator, author and owner of WellnessWithin for over 25 years. She works in a holistic approach which restores the whole person, the totality of mind, body and soul, by nurturing them on their path to develop a healthy and more authentic self. She looks at illness as the method of imbalance, in which the body communicates its disturbance through illnesses, from colds to cancer. Laurie’s highest mission is to work with the principles of true healing and the energy force it seeks to transcend.

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