How Unprecedented Times Can Impact Spiritual Health and Spirit Attachment

How Unprecedented Times Can Impact Spiritual Health and Spirit Attachment

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Keep yourself in the right mindset to avoid being vulnerable to Spirit Attachment during these uncertain times.

Every year has defining moments, but 2020 included world-changing events that influenced people’s health, finances, personal freedoms, children’s educations and much more.

It is not surprising that extreme isolation coupled with great uncertainty and fear causes many people to become ungrounded, which makes them more at risk for physical and mental disorders.

At the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, we have experienced an increase in people with symptoms they believe are due to Spirit Attachment. Before we explain how unprecedented times can contribute to Spirit Attachment, let’s clarify what Spirit Attachment is.

Spirit Attachment, also known as Entity Attachment is when the spirit of a person who has passed away (and doesn’t transition to the other side) attaches itself to a living person’s energy field. These spirits feed off of a person’s energy, and as a result, the living person who was once healthy and happy may start to experience symptoms that cause them pain and anguish. Common symptoms of Spirit Attachment are unexplained anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, racing thoughts, addiction, powerful negative emotions, personality changes, mood swings, chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, digestive problems, and more. The Spirit Attachment phenomenon is still mostly unknown or misunderstood by society and as a result many people end up suffering for years with reasons unknown to them. Conventional methods usually don’t alleviate symptoms caused by Spirit Attachments.

Why are people more susceptible to Spirit Attachment today?

People are significantly more vulnerable to Spirit Attachment when they are under stress or in a prolonged state of fear. It is much easier for spirits to attach to a person who is short of energy, such as feeling sick or weak, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is also the reason why Spirit Attachment usually occurs during nerve-racking life events such as the death of loved one, financial loses, divorce, or personal injury. When we feel resentful or hold grudges and are unwilling to forgive, this can also put us at risk of attracting unwanted Spirit Attachment.

How can you avoid being vulnerable to Spirit Attachment during these uncertain times?

Here are five ideas to help you stay grounded, healthy, and Spirit Attachment-free:

  • Control your negative emotions: This is obviously easier said than done, however with some practice you will become much better at it. Try to catch yourself when you are about to fall into a state of negative emotions and instead of reacting to these emotions, become an observer. Spiritual teacher, Gary Zukav wrote a wonderful book The Heart of the Soul, which focuses on emotional awareness.
  • Forgive everyone and everything including yourself: Forgiveness keeps our vibrations high and it’s the best protection against any negative energy whether it comes from living people or spirits.
  • Let your loved ones depart in peace: Grief should be experienced as intensely as possible. We have been left alone, we are angered and we are burdened with new responsibilities or problems that we never had to deal with before. We should give ourselves as much time as we need. However, we also should allow the deceased person to depart to the other side and refrain from wishing they were still here with us.
  • Do not communicate with the deceased: Do not try to communicate with, or conjure up, the deceased with ouija boards, visiting haunted houses or hiring mediums. For more information on dangers of summoning spirits, please read Wanda Pratnicka’s book Possessed by Ghosts.
  • Focus on mental health: Take care of your mental health with relaxation, exercise, quality food, and stay connected to others, even if that is virtually.

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