Commit to Dry January: The Dry Challenge

Commit to Dry January: The Dry Challenge

A Month-Long Alcohol Cleanse

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Having a “Sober Month Support Squad” can make your dry month more fun, and you can plan activities together that don’t revolve around drinking.

If you’ve found yourself refilling your wine glass a few too many times on a few too many evenings, you might be contemplating taking a break from imbibing. Try these tips from my book The Dry Challenge, which walks you through the steps of taking a month away from alcohol, in January or any other time of year.

Commit To Dry January With A Friend

Having a buddy to hold you accountable and support you can be key. Not only will this person understand what your goals are, they’re also going to pick you up when you’re down. And you’ll be doing the same for them! Having a “Sober Month Support Squad” can make your dry month more fun, and you can plan activities together that don’t revolve around drinking.

Redefine Drinking Socially

For many of us, our social lives tend to revolve around drinking—whether it’s meeting up at happy hour with friends, going on dates that involve splitting a bottle of wine, or simply celebrating birthdays with a glass of Champagne. Dry January is an opportunity to rewrite the script. Instead of hanging out at bars, take the initiative to plan your friend group’s social outings. Go bowling, ice skating, or coordinate a picnic (without booze!). There are so many opportunities to get out and be social, without drinking.

Change Your Routine

Along with flipping your social schedule (or at least modifying it), Dry January is a great time to start projects you’ve been putting off or get involved with activities that you might not otherwise have time for. According to a U.K. study, the average adult spends two years of their life hungover—so, without that time spent feeling super sick, you could be going out and accomplishing your goals. Wake up early for a morning run. Wind down at night with some yoga instead of a glass of wine. Making these day-to-day changes is going to set the tone for your month—and beyond.

Try Some Alternative Beverages

Just because it’s Dry January, doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite wines, beers, and spirits—sort of. These days, there are a ton of nonalcoholic options on the market that taste just as good—and dare I say, better—than traditional alcoholic options. Some of my favorites are Grüvi nonalcoholic wine, Athletic Brewing Company nonalcoholic beer, and Lyre's Nonalcoholic Spirits, which are great for mixing your favorite cocktails. Each of these brands have a variety of products, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste.

Share Your Journey on Social Media

Whether you have a friend supporting you or an entire universe (or no one at all), sharing your Dry January status on social media can help you connect with like-minded month-long abstainers. By using the hashtag #DryJanuary or #TheDryChallenge, you can easily see who else is participating in a dry month. Go ahead, leave positive comments and messages too! Dry January is a great opportunity to make new friends while trying something new.

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