10 Affirmations for an Alcohol-Free Month

10 Affirmations for an Alcohol-Free Month

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Whether you are doing a Dry January or committing to an alcohol-free month any time, here are 10 affirmations to support your decision to take a break from alcohol.

You know what feels amazing? A monthlong break from drinking.

After the excess of 2020, when many Americans drank a lot more than usual and now want to dial that back, it is the perfect time for a reset. Here are 10 affirmations to help you during a Dry January, Alcohol-Free February, or heck, any month at all that you want to break up with booze, whether that is temporarily or a more permanent change. Grab a friend, spouse, or other support buddy and commit to a month off from drinking.

  1. I’m supporting my health.
  2. I’ll sleep so much better tonight!
  3. My skin looks luminous.
  4. This reset month feels really luxurious.
  5. I’m giving my immune system a much-needed boost.
  6. Every day, I’m becoming more mindful about alcohol.
  7. I’ve saved so much money I would have spent on wine and cocktail makings.
  8. I’m reaching for a refreshing AF beverage.
  9. I don’t actually need to avoid or swallow my feelings.
  10. This evening, I’m all about creating new habits. And I’ll do it again tomorrow night!

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