What Channel Are You Tuning Into?

What Channel Are You Tuning Into?


“Your transcendent gifts can be cultivated further, and then sit back and watch them grow!”

The season of the winter solstice is coming our way—admittedly a time of darkness but also a time for turning inward and renewing spiritual practice. Many people meditate with their iPhones on. While it’s fun to search for the latest Apps, it may be more meaningful to focus on what’s already hard-wired within you: That is, your ability to access, activate, and accelerate your own connection with Source—with the wisdom and wizardry of your bespoke Spiritual Guides. Everyone has access. We all communicate with Spirit, though often not consciously or deliberately. And often only in dreamtime.

Author and Spiritual counselor Jo Ann Levitt urges you to take time now to upgrade your spiritual connection. She has several channeled works available, including her latest book, Channeling the Sacred. Among the many Guides she converses with, Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus offers us these inspiring words:

Please do not trouble yourself about your work or finances or your family, friends, or your future. In fact, this is a good time to let go of worry altogether. You may have heard us repeat this before: everything is available in every Now moment. Everything in the Universe is available right now—are you listening? All the wealth you desire—all the joy—connections, prosperity, good health, friends, and support—is available now. Yes, we can feel you rolling your eyes. It may be hard to grasp but the Universe never runs out of things. You won’t find our shelves empty during a hurricane, a pandemic, or a tsunami. It’s all here; it’s just a question of lining up energetically through belief, desire, and strong inner knowing so that you remember you have access.

Understand that your consciousness cycles through spiraling movements of awareness. Ascending one part of the spiral, you find yourself entertaining old habitual or unproductive thoughts. However, they can be sloughed off or disappeared in an instant. What’s different now is that as you ascend—as you round the spiral’s bend, so to speak—you have much less attachment to old thought-forms. They don’t provide the same satisfaction (or angst) that they used to and you spot the consequences more quickly before landing knee-deep in their muck. That is why you’re hearing so much talk about Ascension now. You are not releasing this body and rising up to heaven in a white cloud or on a golden chariot. You are ascending into higher levels of consciousness. We see it happening and we applaud you. You and many Light Beings are finally releasing the trappings of slow energy or lowered vibration. The Light is shining through. Congratulations.

Though you may in fact roll your eyes around the idea of developing channeling abilities, Levitt assures you that you have the capacity to engage, to connect, and to receive guidance beyond your wildest dreams. In fact, Channeling the Sacred serves as a functional primer, guiding you step by step through the process of deepening your spiritual ties as well as introducing you to eight expert mediums and channels who provide insight and inspiration around receiving messages from spirit. This book helps you cultivate your connection to the Divine, as well as to arrive at the realization that you already have all that you need in order to tap into your infinite wisdom and endless creative capacity. Your transcendent gifts can be cultivated further, and then sit back and watch them grow!

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