Radical Intuition: 3 Ways to Be True to Yourself

Radical Intuition: 3 Ways to Be True to Yourself


Being “true to yourself is the most revolutionary act,” writes author and intuitive development teacher Kim Chestney. Find your inner truth and you may just find that the world changes too.

In times like these, you might ask yourself: What the h#!! is going on in this world? Believe it or not, your “self” has a real answer for you. Questions like these don’t have to be rhetorical; you can find the true, personal meaning of life’s complexities by turning to the wisdom of your intuition. Especially in chaotic times like these, your inner guidance is here for you.

Now, more than ever, we need clarity. How can we see through the illusions of a divided world and reconnect with our shared humanity? How can we find the peace we desperately crave, with so much fear, injustice, and loss around us? It all begins with a simple shift, a simple practice of tuning out the chatter of the external world, and tuning in to the truth inside.

Start an Inner Revolution by listening to your gut instinct

Enough is enough. It is possible to rise above the nonsense and reclaim your power. No matter what challenge you are facing in your life, if you listen closely you will hear that still, small voice showing you the way through it – showing you the difference between the true and the false – showing you the meaningful purpose behind any confusion or pain in your life.

It is up to each of us to consciously make the shift—from the outer to the inner, from uncertainty to the higher awareness we each hold within us. This is the real revolution life is calling us to. When we begin to live by the unifying, creative truth within us, life falls into place.

Here is what you can do to get started.

1. Pledge allegiance to your true self.

Instead of listening to what everyone else is saying—the naysayers, the fake news, the social pressures —set an intention to honor your inner voice first. Make it a practice to give authority to the expansive, supportive guide within you—the one that leads you to the life you are made for. You alone know what is right for you. Only you know the lessons you have to learn and the gifts you can bring to the world.

The most common regret we have as human beings is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Being “yourself” is the secret to a life well-lived.

Action Step: Make a list of any areas of your life where you are living someone else’s truth. Be really honest with yourself when you answer questions like these:

  • Does the world know me for who I really am? What parts of myself do I hide?
  • Are there dreams I gave up on because someone told me it was impossible?
  • In what ways do I define myself by how others have judged me?

The more we resolve the dissonance between our core truth and the life we live, the more authentic life becomes. By realigning this incongruity and by releasing the conditioned structures that have limited us in the past—we begin to free ourselves to be ourselves.

The deep, intuitive connection you have with life will always remind you of who you are. And it will always lead you to become the best version of yourself. If you follow it and trust it, it will support you every step of the way.

2. Live your truth.

It’s not enough to know who we are; we have to be who we are. First, we wake up to the truth; then, we live it. The choice to follow your own path instead of the one the world has laid out for you takes courage. The choice to think for yourself, through your intuitive connection instead of through knowledge systems or mental judgments, takes strength.

Being true to yourself is the most powerful rebellion: it is saying “no” to the coercions of the world, it is saying “I am made for something more,” it is the way to real freedom.

Action Step: Take a look back over the list you just made. Then, quiet your mind and take a few deep breaths, until you feel calm and relaxed. Ask yourself:

  • What can I do today to start living more authentically?
  • How different would my life look if I honored my truth completely?
  • What changes am I being called to make to become fully myself?

Pay close attention to the first ideas that come to you, before your mind gets in the way. Your higher, intuitive wisdom arrives faster than you can construct rational thoughts. These “first insights” are the calling cards of your inner guidance; they are part of the sacred intelligence that shows you the way, no matter how lost you get.

Will you answer the call from this higher place inside of you? Extraordinary lives are created by saying “yes” to the prompts that come from within—by knowing and living by the intuitive connection to a bigger part of life. Living insightfully, by our inner sight, starts as a trust fall—an act of fearlessness; it sets in motion evolutionary powers of change as we can no longer tolerate the falsehoods and inequities of our lives … or the world we live in.

(“15 Affirmations for Following Your Intuition.”)

3. Rise up, together.

Radical change starts within. Imagine how the world would look if everyone lived true to their best self. What would life be like if we honored the unifying connection between us all instead of focusing on all of the divisions between us? If we believed in ourselves (and each other) instead of buying into all the negative judgments of our collective critical minds?

Can you envision a world of conscious, mindful humans, inspired by the higher awareness of insight?

Action Item: As you consider the ideas you came up with, ask yourself how living your truth will help others do the same.

  • How will living my truth make the world a better place?
  • What are the unique gifts that I can bring to life?
  • How can I participate in the conscious evolution of humanity?

Insightful living turns fear into power—the kind of power you can use to elevate both yourself and the people around you. We all rise together. When you take a chance on yourself and succeed against all odds, you show others that they can do it too. When you break free, you show others that it is possible. This is what your inner guidance is designed for: to help you create a better life for yourself and everyone else.

Following intuition is the small, yet infinitely valuable, way that we each contribute to the evolution of world consciousness.

The trials of life are the wake-up call we need right now, to grow and become something better. Ask yourself what you can do to be part of the change this world needs. Then, go do it.

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