Sacred Empath, Sacred Alchemist

Sacred Empath, Sacred Alchemist

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What is a Sacred Empath? A Sacred Empath is a Light Worker, a Healer, a Way Shower and part of an army of sweet Souls who have incarnated on earth here and now to bring healing, love and light to a world in transition.

I am led to write this piece following Guidance I received while teaching a class early in October. I often receive inspiration and guidance while teaching, as the space is opened multidimensionally to welcome the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm to protect and inspire us. I love connecting with Beings of Light, and on this day I was asked to remind empaths of their Sacred Contract and their roles as Sacred Alchemists.

What is a Sacred Empath? A Sacred Empath is a Light Worker, a Healer, a Way Shower and part of an army of sweet Souls who have incarnated on earth here and now to bring healing, love and light to a world in transition.

Are you an Empath? Are you highly sensitive to your surroundings, and to the energies of crowds and individuals? Are you sometimes unable to discern whose emotions you are feeling in your body at any given time? Have you chosen to retreat rather than experience the uncomfortable confusion and anxiety that goes with being an Empath?

An Alchemist is someone who transforms or creates something through a mystical process. Connecting with our essence and invoking the conscious connection to the Ascended Master and Angelic collective with an intention to transform dark to light, negativity to positivity, hate to love is alchemy.

As you read this you may feel inspired, uplifted and hopeful. I hope you do. I celebrate who you are.

You are both an Empath and an Alchemist and your life’s purpose is Sacred. You are on the planet and experiencing a transition that is both beautiful and challenging to serve the world. You don’t need an office or a practice to fulfill your Sacred calling. You need a body, an awareness, a connection and divine will. We are the transformers we have been waiting for.

This incredible time has been “on the books” for a very long time. The transition that we are experiencing will bring us to a multidimensional state of consciousness and a new earth. We don’t know for sure is how long this will take, because the human collective has free will and free choice. While many are called to this task, few will be chosen. It takes stamina and discipline to be the spiritual warrior you are called to be, to be the Sacred Empath and Alchemist you are destined to be.

While our Soul knows what our future holds, our everyday human self may not. As a result, we allow the external circumstances to keep us held in 3D consciousness of division and fear. It’s time we allowed our Soul to take the lead, and allow for healing and regeneration. The time is now for us as Sacred Empaths to step up and be Alchemical Change Makers in our world.

As living temples, our bodies are able to be transformers of energies. We were made for this time and, if this is resonating for you, you are destined to do this sacred work.

To be a transformer of negative energy, allow yourself to feel the emotions in your body. With intention and practice, you can learn to release the energies your body has taken on and alchemize for transmutation. Said another way, your body can serve as a transformer of energies by accepting what you are feeling and consciously lifting the emotions up and out of your physical being and into the Violet Fire of Transmutation.

The Violet Fire will revitalize and invigorate us while changing negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the Violet Flame provides a platform for our healing. When you learn to work with the Violet Fire, you become an Alchemist.

I encourage you to consider setting time aside everyday, or as often as you feel over come with emotions or overwhelmed collective disharmony. A daily ritual will do much in service to the shift occurring.

We are all facing new challenges. You may need help to understand, heal and integrate the guidance offered here. The shift is simple, but it may not be easy to begin. Please reach out to us at Compass Rose Healing Arts to connect and heal, either on site or remotely. We are here to serve. We honor you and your life path.

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