Ultimate Self-Care

Ultimate Self-Care

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In this book, a social worker helps readers find strength and balance with important self-care solutions.

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Since her childhood, Barbara Halcrow has been inspired to support, encourage, and help others, and through a near-fatal accident, she was redirected to begin her life’s work as a social worker, trainer, and healer. On this healing and teaching path, Barbara traveled to diverse urban and rural communities in British Columbia, Manitoba, and the Yukon territory in Canada, as well as Seoul, Korea.

Now, Halcrow has brought her wealth into the creation of a book to provide information concerning critical personal and work-related self-care challenges many of us are experiencing. The book, Ultimate Self-Care: A Holistic Guide for Strength and Balance in Changing Times, is loaded with tools and resources to help nourish you at home and at work.

This guidebook offers a wide range of practical mind/body/spirit self-care tools, tips, resources, and alternative mindful solutions that can help anyone, anywhere. It is especially useful for people who extensively give service to others, or who provide direct care for loved ones.

Halcrow believes that by offering ourselves more conscious love and self-nourishment, we will gain in personal strength and resiliency.

“We can take an active role in participating in improving our wellness and our happiness, especially when we are experiencing extra stress,” says Halcrow. “Self-care from a holistic approach more fully embraces the mind/body/spiritual aspects of who we are. These areas, therefore, cover not only our physical needs, but also what builds strength and resiliency for the breadth of who we are as human beings.”

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