Finding Your Sense of Self

Finding Your Sense of Self

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“This truly is the time for humanity to change the course of their lives, evolve, and experience heaven on Earth.”

Having a strong sense of self provides us with emotional fortitude and personal empowerment. Life is better when we experience life as sovereign beings. Having a sense of self allows us to navigate the world with confidence and autonomy.

What if we have yet to find our true self? Can we gain a sense of self while surrounded by global turbulence? Can we find our center and take charge of our spiritual journey when the world is spinning?

Many of us are feeling anxiety, despair, and hopelessness because we are energetically connected to each other and to the world. Our collective consciousness is reflecting our fears, attitudes, opinions, and disbelief. As the stress builds, our collective consciousness responds in kind. We find ourselves trapped in a pattern that is very difficult to escape and we can find ourselves in a tailspin. We have our independent tailspin and we are part of the collective tailspin. This is where many of us find ourselves now.

A Place Between Worlds

There is good news, however. We are at a place now between worlds, between eras where the next Golden Age awaits us. We each have an opportunity to heal our pain and step into the truth of who we are. Healed of the human experience and with a sense of our self, we can contribute to the new world.

This is the spiritual journey we signed on for at this exact time in our human evolution.

The goal is to attain spiritual growth and ascension by living a soul conscious life. We are born to have an embodied soul experience here on Earth. We are part of the new destiny creating heaven on Earth. We intuitively know is it our divine birthright.

The human experience is one that allows us free will and free choice. Our soul group, angels and guides can offer gentle guidance, but they cannot interfere with our free will. This is cosmic law. The free will choices we make independently and unconsciously can often produce less than desirable results leaving an imprint of karmic wounds that will require reconciliation before they can be released. The lessons are never intended to be punitive, but they are intended to teach us to choose better as we mature.

Healing With Remote Connections

Karmic reconciliation does not have to be done in “real time” and physically experienced. Your intention to heal, supported by the gifts of a skilled healer and powerful modalities, will aid you to identify, release, and heal the wounds of karma. This will set you on your path enabling you to give to the collective from your healed heart. Your soul group and the cosmic hierarchy will celebrate your win and welcome you to the path of light worker, able to be in service to others.

A best use of free will and free choice is to heal your life. You come into this world contracted with your soul, your soul group, and individual soul’s to learn, grow, and ascend on the ladder of evolution. This truly is the time for humanity to change the course of their lives, evolve, and experience heaven on Earth.

The key is simple, but not necessarily easy. We all need help to make the journey. A guide, mentor, healer, mystic and/or shaman can awaken our intuition and natural self-healing abilities that may be dormant having atrophied over time.

The connection we have with each other allows us to join our intentions and receive healing and support through a remote connection. We are joined on this planet during this time to collectively create a better world. We don’t need to travel physically to contribute or receive love, grace and healing. We can be together remotely and joined outside of time and space simultaneously. It is the high vibrational, healing remote connections that will take us forward.

My experience as a healer gives me absolute faith that all will be well. We are on the threshold of a new beginning. We will know peace, love, and joy. To be here now, to experience renewal with beautiful souls, and to celebrate our collective success will be a miracle come true.

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Now more than ever, we can’t be distracted by the outside world. We need to stay committed to finding and maintaining our sovereignty. This in service to ourselves and to the rest of the world.

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