How Much CBD is Enough for Me?

How Much CBD is Enough for Me?

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Intrigued about the topical use of CBD for pain relief, anti-inflammatory purposes, and anti-anxiety? Read on to learn more.

There are multiple benefits of hemp oil extract or cannabidiol (CBD), a phyto cannabinoid found in hemp. Primarily, CBD is used for pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and for anti-anxiety uses.

So how much CBD is required for best results? Unfortunately, there is not much research studying the proper dosage amount of CBD. Everyone’s unique needs are a bit different.

To further complicate the problem, there are different absorption rates of CBD depending on how one uses it. For example, ingesting CBD capsules is different from taking a tincture which is different topically applying CBD or using a vaping system. The reason for this lower absorption is that ingesting a capsule or using a tincture forces CBD to pass through the digestive system before entering our bloodstream, a phenomenon known as first-pass metabolism.

Since it is scientifically proven our bodies absorb the most amount of CBD through vaping or topical application, let us focus on topical application in this article. According to Michael Yocco, CEO of Resonant Botanicals, “Metabolic pathways leading to relief of pain, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety have been my passion for the last nine years. CBD has been a small part of the products I formulate—I incorporate many other elements into my products.”

Primarily, CBD is used for pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and for anti-anxiety uses.

It is important to know CBD is a partial agonist for CB2 receptors. Now what, you may ask, is a partial agonist? “Imagine your dining room light turned down so you can see your dinner (and your honey!) but not so bright that the light is on fully,” he explains. “That is a metaphor for a partial agonist. The light (or receptor) is turned on, but not all the way. It does not matter how much CBD we ingest or apply after a certain point, when CBD partially activates the receptor, the rest of the CBD is naturally removed from our bodies.”

“That optimal amount is something we have been mindful of over the years, as we’ve created topical products that have been dosed with anywhere from 25 mg. of CBD per ounce to 125 mg CBD. Topical efficacy of CBD was recently discussed in this study. And the study examined 83.3 mg. of CBD per ounce of topical solution pointing to relief of peripheral neuropathy pain in lower extremities. The study examined topical use of 250 mg. in a three ounce container, or 83.3 mg. per ounce.”

It is important to bolster the effects of CBD with full agonists (or the light switch turned completely on) such as Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene found in hemp, clove, black pepper, and copaiba balsam, Yocco notes. “Using this combination of partial and full agonists, along with our carefully crafted botanicals, creates products that customers have welcomed into their daily regime for pain and anti-inflammatory relief.”

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