Becoming Soul

Becoming Soul

In this book, the reader gets an insightful look at the soul through the stories of two women.

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“This story starts with the premise that people are not their bodies. People are their souls,” says author El Alma. She is a counselor who has worked professionally in the areas of relationships, grief, disabilities, and spirituality for more than 30 years. She has been an advocate and carer for traumatized adults and children all her adult life and has traveled to remote country areas to counsel families through their grief associated with disabilities. Semi-retired, she writes within the calm surrounds of her farm where she lives with her husband and family.

“People’s consciousness lives on when they leave the earth through death,” says Alma. “It is only the body that decays and dies. People continue to develop their souls during each lifetime they visit the earth and then go back to being only consciousness. In choosing a new lifetime each soul knows there are natural earth stages they each must endure to develop new earth lessons.”

“This story is not too far from the reality for many people who have struggled to find their own souls amidst the turmoil of daily life. This book is written to encourage the reader to continue on their own journey of soul-searching, and if they have already found their inner strength and their soul, the book is to express love and support to them as they continue to travel their journey of becoming soul to reach heaven.”

According to Alma, there are seven stages that people pass through to arrive back to the eternal sacredness of themselves. “In each person lies a quest to find their soul’s purpose, and to find their way home by becoming soul again through Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, Survival, Believe, and Heaven. This story begins as a new soul arrives on earth to learn the lessons she has chosen for this lifetime.”

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