The Red Chair

The Red Chair

In this book, a psychiatrist shares how he used past-life regression to help a patient.

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What do you do when modern medicine isn’t the answer? When traditional psychiatry isn’t enough, a psychiatrist and his patient discover the power of past-life regression. Dr. John Webber’s new book explores the world of reincarnation, life after death, and consciousness existing beyond our bodies.

Webber is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating with a medical degree from the University of Melbourne, he completed his psychiatric training and is a fellow of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He has spent more than three decades in private practice with his work including mentoring and supervision of young psychiatrists.

Book Excerpt

“France … it’s war. I’m French … a grey, button-up coat—it’s cold—full-length, shoes, gloves, walking along a river and helping people. I’m hiding the French people and helping people. I’ve got a house … they’re scared. … I’m male … it’s my home. The people … I think they’re French. I have a skinny house. You can get under the house. That’s where they hide. I can hear the fighting nearby, shots and bombs.

“I’m nineteen … I’m Anoir, and I’m married. Three boys. I’m proud. Twins aged four and a little one … the kids are playing upstairs. We are hiding only three people. The soldiers are knocking on the door. The children are quiet. They would kill us all… “The men we were hiding have left and the Germans are looking downstairs but they’ve gone. We are all safe, they are safe, but the Germans hit you. Their presence scares me … hit me with the gun in the face but it’s alright … they got away. They’re all safe…

“They’ve shot me. I’m twenty-two. I’m rising above it. Oh no, I’m not leaving … I have to. The kids are crying … they love me, crying over me and Georgia holding me in her arms and saying, ‘don’t die.’ Shot in the stomach, below the heart. Shot for hiding people … other men. They’re shooting them … they’re all dead. I couldn’t protect them.”

As I brought Judy out of the trance, I was concerned she might be distressed by her past-life experience, ending with Anoir’s violent death and the murder of his family. Judy opened her eyes, paused a moment, and then, as only she could, looked over to me and said, “What the f***? You didn’t tell me that I could be male!” She’d assumed that if she had experienced a past life, she would have been female.

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