Spiritual Forgiveness

Spiritual Forgiveness

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“The nature of the physical universe is absolute judgment. The nature of your soul is absolute forgiveness. Enter your soul and you will exit all judgment.” —Matthew Fifeforaite

The effects of our past speech and actions remain with us in the present. Where we are right now is always the result of where we’ve been.

If our past behavior was self-destructive and/or transgressive toward others, we can make some feeble attempt to forgive ourselves, but that will be neither convincing nor lasting.

The reason for this is that we are connected to the physical energy of our physical bodies. The nature of physical energy is absolute judgment. There is no forgiveness of physical energy. Any attempt we make to forgive ourselves or others while our hearts and minds are filled with physical energy would be a contradiction of the judgment-energy we sense as self.

Societally, canceling (forgiving) one’s debt (transgression) can incentivize bad behavior. Functionally, canceling a debt leaves the fate of the debtor (transgressor) in the hands of the absolute judgment of physical energy.

There is no better teacher than physical energy. Absolute judgment knows exactly where to strike, what to strike and when to strike, and it does so without mercy.

But there is also the spiritual energy of the soul. The presence (vibrations) of the energies of one’s soul in one’s heart and mind, demagnetizes them from the influence of all judgment energy. This is “spiritual forgiveness” from one’s soul to one’s heart and mind.

The nature of the soul is absolute forgiveness (demagnetization) from judgment. When you are filled with the demagnetizing energy of your soul, spiritual forgiveness will naturally shine as your entire being (soul, heart, mind and aura). Then your heart and mind will be moved (influenced) by the perfect energies of your soul rather than by the judgment energy of the physical universe.

If you have performed the Soul Body Technique™, you have awakened to the existence of the inner dimension of your being, your soul, and you now feel connected to this perfect part of yourself.

We could never be perfect as humans. But when we are of our souls, which are perfect, we become part of our souls’ perfect body of activity.

This perfect activity is the beatific vibrations of your soul’s energy in your heart and mind. The vibrations of your soul are the perfect rhythm/timing of your life, which naturally moves you to the right place at the right time without the need for you to take any thought for that activity.

Spiritual power is not resistance against physical power, it is tuning your heart and mind to your soul which operates at a different frequency, untouched by judgment energies.

Tuning into your soul is like changing radio stations from one genre of music—the energy of absolute judgment—to another—the energy of absolute forgiveness. When you tune into your soul, you no longer receive the genre of music called “Judgment Energy.” You receive the music called “Forgiveness Energy” instead. You hear, sing along with and dance to the music you like. The music called “Judgment Energy” is no longer playing (active) in your life. It no longer exists.

Many people have lost sight of their soul because it has become veiled by the physical vibrations of one’s physical body. The Soul Body Technique™ unveils the existence of one’s soul. This fills one’s heart and mind with the perfect peace, joy and understanding that is innate to one’s soul and inherent to one’s heart and mind.

When you are filled with the beatific energies of your soul, you will know firsthand that your soul loves you; that it will do anything for you; that your soul protects you, feeds you, clothes you, keeps you warm, shades you from the sun; that your soul will provide for you in every way.

Recognizing how much your soul loves you will awaken in you love for your soul. When you love your soul and you believe that your soul loves you, you will activate a circulation of love between your soul and your heart and mind. This activated circulation of love will draw your heart and mind deeper into unity with your soul. This is true love of self. True love of self is the final effect of self-forgiveness.

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