13 Affirmations to Ease Back Pain

13 Affirmations to Ease Back Pain


Dealing with pain can be life-altering. Shift your perspective with these affirmations for back pain.

If you’ve ever gone down with a bad back, you’ll notice fellow sufferers give you a knowing look, akin to recognizing the newest member of the club. It’s not an elite club either; back pain can be unrelenting and often disrupts every area of life.

Given the high numbers of us who report suffering from back pain—and the difficulty in diagnosing and treating it from a mainstream medical perspective—it’s worth noting how alternative therapies, such as talk therapy and journaling, can make a significant difference in one’s quality of life.

Stress, grief, and anger can all become trapped in the body, and these emotional roots can become held in the tissues in areas such as the lower back, neck, hips, or shoulders.

Choose one or two of these affirmations for back pain, or create your own, and foster an internal station that plays them on repeat. Make them your own, and then live and breathe into them.

  1. I welcome my emotions and allow them to move through me.
  2. I release the stories I tell about myself and my life.
  3. My breath invites softness into the constricted places in my body.
  4. I shine the light of my awareness on each area of my body, without judgement.
  5. I let go of having to hold it all together all the time.
  6. I gratefully acknowledge the ways my body serves me right now.
  7. I seek out places in my body that feel good.
  8. I experience every emotion and allow each to move through my body and be released.
  9. Movement is an exploration and I am a curious explorer.
  10. Life changes, and I have the ability to adapt to those changes.
  11. In each moment, I choose what I will carry with me into the next moment.
  12. I can mourn the loss of my old way of life and still move toward my new way of being.
  13. I release any grief, fear, or anger I am holding from the last moment.

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