Your Auric Forcefield

Your Auric Forcefield

Know Instant Harmony & Happiness via The Auric Chakra Harmonization Technique

It might be hard to believe that unhappiness is often an unhappy energy from your environment that you can remove from yourself. But you will know this to be a fact when any level of unhappiness, depression, anxiety, fear or any other negative condition you might be experiencing, instantly and automatically disappears upon performing the Auric Chakra Harmonization Technique™.

Auric chakras are an anatomical part of your aura. Activating their harmony will instantly produce an auric forcefield of harmony around you. The Auric Chakra Harmonization Technique is completely natural, easy to learn and simple to apply. Anyone can do it.

Read the first five chapters of the book online at and experience the extraordinary results of this technique for yourself.

Reestablishing your natural harmony and happiness is only the beginning of the heights to which all the techniques in this book can lead.

You will also learn how to:

  • Feel and sense your soul body and its perfect peace
  • Unify your heart and mind with your soul
  • Express the perfect peace and intelligence of your soul in your speech and actions
  • Activate your inner strength
  • Reduce or remove the fear of death
  • Awaken to your true passions and the harmonious direction of your life

Your soul body is part of you. It is located throughout your physical body at a superior (purer) level of vibration.

Your soul body is perfect beingness, perfect peace and perfect happiness. Its energy is ethereal, soft and light. Its pureness transcends all physical energy. Even its joy is not the exuberant state of happiness as commonly defined; but it is a perfect joy; pure, gentle and silent, eternally glowing from beneath the surface of its body.

Knowing your soul body is a process of tuning the frequency of your mind and heart away from the physical vibrations of your body toward the pure (perfect) vibrations of your soul. This is easy to accomplish using the Soul Body Technique™.

Your soul is of a different dimension than that of your physical body. When you perform the Soul Body Technique you will have a transcendent experience, an otherworldly or heavenly experience, one that is completely free of all physical and negative energy vibrations.

It won’t take long, perhaps a day or two of performing the Soul Body Technique, before the physical vibrations of your body begin to subside. When these lower vibrations disappear, you will feel free from physical and negative influences and you will know the perfect part of yourself: your soul.

The perfect peace of our souls paves a way for each of us in this world as the natural harmonious movements of our lives. When its peace becomes active in us, there is no one who and nothing that can successfully oppose its movement, and any attempt by others to oppose our harmonious outcome only tends to support it. Willingly or unwillingly, wittingly or unwittingly, everyone instinctively obeys the activity of the spiritual peace in another.

As we witness the peace of our souls unfold in our outer affairs, it is common to think that the cause of this perfect activity exists outside of ourselves. But this is not the case.

Looking for the cause of the perfect harmony of our lives or trying to see it or hear it outside of ourselves only opens us to negative environmental energies. There is an environmental counterpart to harmony, but that environmental activity is caused by the peace we receive from our souls and express through our speech and actions.

The peace of our souls demagnetizes (forgives) us from the negative energies that accumulate as the negative conditions of our lives. Expressing peace in our speech and actions opens the way for the spiritual forgiveness of our souls to enter our physical lives. The is the effect of the Active Peace Technique™.

The Active Peace Technique affirms “I am at peace with…” What is it that you are “at peace with?” Everything. Who is “I?” Your being (soul, heart, mind and aura).

This might seem as though you will be acquiescing to life. In one sense this is true. But being at peace with everything doesn’t mean that you do not react. It means that you react from a pure sensation of your soul’s peace. When you are moved by peace, peace becomes grace (active peace).

Consistently giving your soul’s peace to the world will open the way for the beatific vibrations of your soul to resonate with and reshape physical and environmental energies. Much like how harmonious vibrations resonating against a plate filled with sand can rearrange those grains to display intricate, beautiful patterns, your soul’s vibrations in your heart, mind and aura will rearrange physical and environmental energies to display your soul’s perfect patterns as your physical life.

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