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A Roadmap for Creative Growth

Illustration of Roadmap to Creativity

Images by Dari Luna

Are you a victim, a vessel, or something else?

It’s almost midnight, the night before her dreaded monthly deadline. Tania can’t manage to put more than three sentences together, even though she’s writing on her favorite topic. Her face is looking more and more anxious. She grabs her phone to scroll her defeat away. Her phone beeps with the arrival of a new text: Are you up? I wanted to confirm that we are still on for tomorrow’s breakfast. I’m so excited to see you and catch up! It’s from Sara, Tania’s friend of many years. Sara is in town to put the final touches on a house she designed as a place to host events. It’s one of Sara’s many side projects. To Tania, Sara’s creative process has always seemed effortless. Miserably comparing herself to her friend, Tania decides she won’t be able to overcome her creative failure and goes to bed. Sound familiar? Everyone, at times, feels like Tania, in creativity, friendship, life, and work. According to Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, there are four stages of consciousness that we navigate through in a nonlinear way throughout our entire lives. These stages define how we experience life. Moreover …

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