13 Mantras for Letting Go of Stuff

13 Mantras for Letting Go of Stuff

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Struggling to let go of belongings? Utilize a mantra for letting go to feel more at peace while cleaning up.

Sometimes, we speak of emotional issues as “stuff.” People will say, “I’m going through some stuff right now,” or, “I’m digging into some old stuff with my therapist this week.”

But sometimes, stuff is not a metaphor. It is literally … stuff. It’s our belongings, our things, the items that tend to build up in our homes and threaten to engulf us if we do not periodically groom.

This time of year, when we’re inspired to streamline and organize, we come face to face with our stuff, which can be overwhelming. Even though you desire order, you may still feel a pull, a resistance, to keep more than you need. Of course you do! It can be hard to let go. With that in mind, here are 13 mantras for letting go, to support you as you release physical belongings.

  1. I’m choosing what represents who I am now, not who I used to be.
  2. I honor the ancestor who made this and now release it so someone else can enjoy it.
  3. I can treasure the memory, without keeping this object.
  4. Someone else will take great joy in this!
  5. I am not what I own materially.
  6. This has served me well, and now I can let it go.
  7. I’m living a purposeful life.
  8. I have everything I need.
  9. My life is becoming calmer.
  10. I share this abundance with others less fortunate.
  11. The memory is within me, not this thing.
  12. By releasing this, I find closure and comfort.
  13. I feel lighter and happier.

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