Poem: Rainy Season

Poem: Rainy Season

From our poet of the month, ALFA


And love, just like rain, is all around us.

Rainy Season

The rain covers me, and I would like to
think that I feel it and it feels me and that
our connection is sacred. But I look around,
and I see others whom it lovingly touches.
And I realize that we all have the same
chance to experience life’s wonderful
abundance, but we have to choose its impact
on our lives and its absorption.
And love, just like rain, is all around us.
But sometimes we do not let ourselves absorb
or feel it.
Or accept it.

ALFA shared her insights with Spirituality & Health:

I oftentimes wonder if we would appreciate rain more if we did not try and shield ourselves from its touch.
We wear raincoats and rainboots. We carry umbrellas, lest we feel the weight upon our heads and shoulders.
I wonder if we embraced its arrival and absorbed its intention, if we would be more accepting of its intrusion in our day to day lives.
And I have to think we treat love in much the same way.
We brush shoulders with love overflowing from souls everyday, but we are gated.
We wear armor, and masks, and we are ready to retreat for fear of an epidemic.
When we're going through a drought, we pray for the same rain we avoid.
When our hearts are barren we ache for the love that will save us.

From The Salt In His Kiss by Alfa. Copyright © 2019 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

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