Write It in the Hearts of Women

Write It in the Hearts of Women

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In this book, a self-healing journey results in a voice crying out of the abyss, “I am a survivor!”

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“This is not a story; it is a journey of self-preservation,” writes author Hinemoa Pourewa of her book Write It in the Hearts of Women. “An unjustifiable passage of a seeking mind, and perhaps an unveiling of clarity, reality, and survival. There are no therapeutic remedies hidden behind these written words, but they do echo the touch of resilience, determination, and above all, knowing.”

Born into the guiding arms of spirituality, Pourewa blossomed within the nurturing realms of hope, courage, and women whom believed in themselves. Through marriage she was in a place of unbiased love, only to fall beneath the veil of struggle, and be forced to face the demons that befell her husband, wreaking havoc upon her vulnerable family. She rose out of the ashes to protect her children as a lioness protects her precious cubs.

As an early childhood educator, she understood the determination it took to succeed and placed the plight of the innocent child above all else. Educated at Auckland University, Aotearoa/New Zealand, she battled through illness while determined to complete her studies. Eventually her journey drove her relentlessly forward to claim survival.

“The portrayals laid out before you, these chapters of realities, are filled with love, loss, denial, grief, and an awakening of a dreamless existence,” writes Pourewa.

Encased in the realm of destructive forces, the battle of one individual’s compelling plight to bring forth the undeniable resilience of survival. The silent whisper of hope resounded, “I am a Survivor.”

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