Reader Picks: Your Top Stories This Year on Facebook

Reader Picks: Your Top Stories This Year on Facebook

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You clicked, we listened. These were our Top 5 S&H stories you liked on Facebook this year.

Nearly 300,000 people hang out with us on Facebook, and we so appreciate the company. Here are the top 5 S&H stories you liked on Facebook in 2019. If you have not yet read them, what are you waiting for?

#1. An older story, “Chaga: The Cancer Healer and King of All Herbs,” took top honors. Read how the Chaga mushroom absorbs and concentrates many valuable enzymes, nutrients and healing compounds that are bioavailable to the human body.

#2. In “When Will I Know It Is Time to Leave?” Rabbi Rami looks at the growing problem of antisemitism in the U.S. The story is sadly very timely this week after the recent stabbing attack at Hanukkah.

#3.If you are feeling inspired to tidy up for the New Year, you are not alone. And it is good to take time to get organized. “Your outer circumstances are a reflection on how you feel about the world,” writes Chellie Kammermeyer in the popular story “How to Clear Your Clutter with Reiki.”

#4. In fourth place, the story “How to Grow a New Body” covers shamanism and its approach to treating disease with spirit and power plant nutrients. If this time of year has you wanting to choose a healthier lifestyle, this story can provide inspiration.

#5.“Walking alongside the dying, we quickly realize that there is no fixed script or set formula to follow," writes Kirsten DeLeo in “Unlock the Wisdom of the Dying.” “So if you are questioning whether what you are about to say is going to be helpful or not, ask yourself how it would feel to hear those words if you were in the same situation.”

Cheers to a new year and new stories! We look forward to sharing it with you. If you do not yet follow us on Facebook, come join the fun here.

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