15 Mantras for Sobriety

15 Mantras for Sobriety

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Mantras for support on a recovery journey, whether for it is for Dry January or for one day at a time.

If you’re considering a breakup with alcohol, participating in Dry January is a great way to reassess your relationship with liquor—whether it serves as a temporary health reset or inspires a permanent change. For some people, quitting drinking for a month is quite easy, while for others, it can be challenging (which is, in itself, enlightening). Regardless of the duration of your break from alcohol, here are 15 mantras to support a sober lifestyle.

  1. I turn toward radiant health.
  2. Change is hard, but that’s okay.
  3. I’m nourishing my body and soul.
  4. There are so many wonderful alternatives.
  5. Today is mine to control.
  6. I have compassion for myself.
  7. I feel amazing when I’m not drinking.
  8. I’m okay with today.
  9. I’m being honest with myself.
  10. I have permission to say, “no thank you.”
  11. I am not alone.
  12. Each new day is a gift.
  13. I’m making better choices today.
  14. I have a new mindset.
  15. I am taking exquisite care of my body.

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