Waking Up to the World of Dreams

Waking Up to the World of Dreams

Sarah Perkins © CICO Books 2019

Learn how leverage your imagination to explore your dreams, which can act as a catalyst for expanding self-awareness.

Exploring dreams is a fascinating topic, with multiple entry points. Here, author Marc J. Gian shares a practice at the core of learning to work with your night dreams, which, as he writes,

“can act as a catalyst for expanding awareness of the self and its surroundings, which is key to opening the doors of truth.

Opening up to the Imaginal Realm

We all have the ability to use our imaginal realm. We use our imagination all the time when we think about something. Now we are going to learn how to direct our imagery.

This simple imagery exercise will help you flex the muscles of intention, imagination, and will. Don’t worry if you feel or think you are not doing them correctly. It’s your imagination and it can flow spontaneously. Trust the process.

Imagining Three Balloons

Your spine is a representation of your personal growth. For this exercise, you need to sit with your spine aligned. This allows the spine to be grounded while ascending to heaven. The ascension of our spine is connected to the vertical axis, as opposed to lying down, when the spine is connected to the horizontal axis and represents our linear world. This seated position also allows your breathing to be deeper and more relaxed.

1. Sit with your spine straight, your feet on the floor, and your hands on your knees. Close your eyes.

2. State your intention to become accustomed to imaginal work. You can say your intention out loud or silently to yourself.

3. Inhale through your nose to the count of six, then exhale through your mouth to the count of eight. Do this three times.

4. In your mind’s eye:

  • See a bag of assorted balloons.
  • Open the bag.
  • Notice three balloons.
  • Use one hand to remove the three balloons from the bag.
  • Look at the three balloons. Notice their colors, texture, shape, and flexibility.
  • Take one of the balloons and blow it up. Sense your breath when you breathe into the balloon.
  • Feel the texture, size, and flexibility of the inflated balloon.
  • Feel free to play with the balloon—tap it up and down.
  • When you are ready, let the balloon free.

5. Inhale through your nose, then exhale completely through your mouth.Open your eyes.

How did you do? If you found this exercise difficult, don’t worry. Your imagination is like a muscle; you just need to begin to flex it every day.

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Excerpted with permission from The Inner World of Night Dreams: Use Your Dreams to Expand Your Awareness in Waking Life to Become the Best Version of Yourself by Marc Gian. CICO Books, 2019.

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