Reverent Whisper

Reverent Whisper

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In this book, a young man searches for his identity and the meaning of life, while guided by an imaginary friend along the journey.

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Reverent Whisper reveals the story of a young man, Jimmy, as he reflects back on his life in order to find the truth about himself, his purpose, and the world around him. As he puts pen to paper and begins contemplating the world around him, Jimmy shares not just his own story, but also the stories of others in order to make himself appear more interesting.

The book is the work of Chetna Asmi, who was born, raised, and still lives in South East Queensland, Australia. A cabinetmaker who runs his own business, Chet has also trained as a life coach and has a diploma in counseling. Chet started to write in 2003 after an extraordinary spiritual transformation. His perspective changed in all areas of life and the pursuing journey was nothing but magical, mystical, and beyond anything that he could ever have imagined. He felt a calling to write a book, and Reverent Whisper is the result.

“My story is that of a fictional character named Jimmy Digne, who takes us on his life’s journey from as young as he can remember to well into his fifties, Chet writes. “He starts to share his stories of his upbringing, his education, and the traumas of growing up and how he dealt with them. Jimmy tries to parallel his life stories with those of my readers, and even makes up an imaginary friend he calls his reverent whisper.

As the pages roll on, Jimmy sets out in earnest to set the record straight, and delves deep within himself.

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