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3 Ways to Stay on the Spiritual Path

Estée Preda's painting "Botanical Garden"

Botanical Garden, Estée Preda

Inner transformation coach Patti Montella shares three practices for overcoming busyness and staying the course.

In this life, most people don’t think about or have the desire for liberation. Even fewer have the good fortune to find a spiritual path. And fewer yet will remain on the path in their quest for the highest expression of life: total equanimity. It’s so easy for the mind to get caught up in the chaos and distractions of the world. When worldly matters are your constant priority and you don’t take time each day for spiritual practices such as meditation, your mind and emotions will soon have their way with you. Running around bombarded with too many thoughts while caught up in day- to-day activities is a surefire way to diminish your quality of life altogether. I’ve taught tens of thousands of people worldwide how to live life with greater ease, happiness, and clarity of mind through the wisdom of the ancient Yogic sciences. The benefits of walking the spiritual path are obvious and the results are cumulative. Yet, the one question almost every- one asks is, “How do I continue when life is so busy?” Striking a balance between the outer world of activity and your inner world of silence is the gre …

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