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Featured Artist: Jennifer Davis

Artist Jennifer Davis

Brad Senne

S&H editor Ben Nussbaum talked with Minneapolis-based artist Jennifer Davis about pink, whimsy, flow, and more.

S&H: How would you describe your art? What kind of words would you use? Jennifer Davis: When I read how other people describe it, they talk about the animals and that it’s very whimsical and fun and happy. But for me, I’m really process driven. The most important parts of my art for me are color and composition and mark making. For me it’s about contrast between varying textures and patterns and super bright, bold colors and little delicate line work, humor and dark subject matter. I’m just playing around with process. S&H: Your paintings don’t really seem whimsical to me. JD: A lot of people have said that to me over the years, so I feel that’s how people read it. But I feel like there are always these dark undercurrents going through everything I do. S&H: It’s like people are trained that when they see bright colors, it’s whimsical. But there’s nothing inherently whimsical about pink. JD: I agree. I’m not exactly a whimsical person, but pink is my favorite color. S&H: To an extent, your art gives me the message that it’s OK to be happy. Life is serious, but you can view it from a happy plac …

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Ben Nussbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health.

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