poem: no. 112

poem: no. 112

from our poet of the month: Wilder

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"celebrate / your survival. / find your arms / and hold on to hope,"

No. 112

look closely
at this courage.
watch how it grows
through the cracks
under their feet.

your survival.
find your arms
and hold on to hope,
knowing it is yours
to lose.

in the end,
you don't need
anyone else to
make you feel

"I think there is something to be said about living life like that of a wildflower. No matter how many feet step on matter how many hands pick apart their beauty, they always come back. They find a way to grow towards the light through all of the's something I hope we all learn how to do, too."

Wilder on how she found poetry:

I fell into poetry rather unexpectedly and I'm so happy I did because it was the thing that saved my soul creatively. I arrived at this art form with a (creatively) broken heart that was looking for a place to land. I had just abandoned a 2-year project that I lost my love for and was on the heels of leaving my dream job as an artist with the store Anthropologie after an injury.

With nowhere to turn, I decided to use my voice and began writing words as a sort of therapy. I have always been a visual person, my background is in graphic design, so I decided to share on a platform that allowed me the freedom to be visually expressive with my words...Instagram. From the beginning, I knew I wanted the journey to be about the words and not about me, which is the reason I decided to keep my identity removed from the space.

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