poem: no. 65

poem: no. 65

from our poet of the month: Wilder

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"i think i met you in a different / life. everything about you is / familiar, like a song i’ve heard before."

No. 65

we screamed at the top of our
lungs through tunnels that looked
like they would never end. you
told me to hold on to my light,
like it was something you couldn't
live without (and honestly neither
could i)
. it was a simple love, the
kind where you spelled my name
right on the first try and i knew it
was meant to be.

i think i met you in a different
life. everything about you is
familiar, like a song i’ve heard
before. like the smell of rain on
my summer dress. like sunday
morning in bed. like yesterday.

i would remember your mess any-
where and i know i’m too much
of a disaster for you to forget.
we are the perfect storm. the
sky echoes and all we can do is
look up like there’s something
we might miss.

"This piece is one of my favorites from the collection. To me, it feels like a full love story confined to one page. I think many of us can relate to this piece in one way or another - that feeling you get when it's like you have met someone before. There is comfort and familiarity, intrigue and honesty."

Listen to Wilder read no. 65:

Wilder shared with S&H her creative muse:

I am an open window. Tangled sheets at 1AM.

I count stars instead of sheep and dream with my eyes wide open. It's how I know that I'll always remember them. 

My creative journey began as a child when I used to paint the sky on the back of my hands so the folded paper cranes on the bedroom floor had a reason to come to life. I was born a dreamer and many years later, I still am. 

Curiosity has never failed me and neither have the words that escape my hands. 

These words...they are not just for me. 
They are for you.
They are for all of us. 

If you are home, then I am, too.

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