poem: no. 16

poem: no. 16

from our poet of the month: Wilder

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"she will fall for miles. / land on your face, / your shoulders, / your hands"

No. 16

these skies
will teach you patience.
the unwavering kind that
keeps your feet on the
ground while the rest of
the world feels unsteady.

she will fall for miles.
land on your face,
your shoulders,
your hands

and as her colours change,
i see how unafraid you are
of those that don't know
whether they are coming
or going.

i still can't tell
which one of you
is the miracle.

"I have always loved the rain. I find most words come to me during a storm. This particular piece is inspired by changing skies and how the sight of it keeps me steady. A storm is a lot like life. The rain falls, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. It touches you and makes your eyes see things differently. Like a lesson. Like change."

Listen to Wilder read no. 16:

Wilder shared with S&H her creative muse:

I am an open window. Tangled sheets at 1AM.

I count stars instead of sheep and dream with my eyes wide open. It's how I know that I'll always remember them.

My creative journey began as a child when I used to paint the sky on the back of my hands so the folded paper cranes on the bedroom floor had a reason to come to life. I was born a dreamer and many years later, I still am.

Curiosity has never failed me and neither have the words that escape my hands.

These words...they are not just for me.
They are for you.
They are for all of us.

If you are home, then I am, too.

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