What Happens During a Session with a Spiritual Advisor?

What Happens During a Session with a Spiritual Advisor?

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What Is An Energy Clearing? How Does It Improve Your Life? Spiritual advisor Judit Ronai answers your questions.

I’m well aware that it’s not the simplest task to describe what I do as a Spiritual Advisor to help people live a happier, improved life. If you have felt confused about the methods and Spiritual Response Therapy techniques used by a spiritual consultant, and are considering healing with SRT, then this longer, comprehensive blog post that covers everything I discussed in just ONE free, live video session is for you.

What Is An Energy Clearing? How Does It Improve Your Life?

I work with clients from Canada, the United States, Singapore, and more. No matter where new clients are from, many tend to feel a bit nervous when they first start Spiritual Response Therapy with me. I always assure them that there’s no need to feel scared because energy clearings do not hurt, and perhaps sound more mystical than they truly are.

I go by many names—energy clearer, spiritual advisor, highly intuitive person—but at the end of the day, I am simply a person learning through life’s challenges just like you. As your Spiritual Advisor, my aim is to gently guide you using SRT techniques toward becoming more mindful about your energy level.

Whatever energy we give our attention to, that is the energy that will grow.

If your energy is positive above a neutral state of mind, fantastic! I teach you how to maintain high energy, as well as mindfulness techniques to consciously choose a different, better mindset. But if your energy is low and negative, then I help you understand why certain situations are happening in your life, and how to raise your vibration toward more creative, grateful energy.

Whatever energy we give our attention to, that is the energy that will grow. It is a simple truth but sometimes it’s natural for us to forget this and need a gentle, loving reminder.

The Importance of Starting Sessions with Breathing Exercises

The truth? No matter how high someone’s positive energy might be, we all tend to worry, overanalyze, and get anxious or scared from time to time. When these negative emotions arise, it’s beneficial to bring your mind and body back to the present moment with a technique called “Yogi Breath,” or “4444” breathing technique.

Watch this video where I guide you in learning the 4444 Yogi Breath technique.

By using this breathing technique to focus on our breath, we release negative energy, open ourselves up to create space for positive energy and intuition, and feed the brain with more oxygen. And as I always love to say—oxygen is the brain’s best drug! With your brain flooded with fresh oxygen, you’re able to think clearer and make better decisions for your life (likewise, when your brain is tired, it can seem impossibly stressful to figure out what to do in difficult situations).

Whenever you are feeling anxious about your past or worried about your future, please be kind to yourself and remember: there was a time when you were dreaming of having something that you have now. Perhaps this is a loving partner, children, a home, an education, a car, a vacation—you are making progress toward the ideal life you desire.

How & Why To Boost Your Gratitude

I know I know, gratitude… everyone talks about it so much these days, so who cares? Well I’m telling you that I do, and you most certainly should (if you wish for a happier, better life). Here’s why.

Gratefulness is a habit. You are the only one responsible in creating your every moment. If you want to feel miserable, then sure, go ahead—but I’m betting that it doesn’t feel good ... so why not choose to be happy despite the inevitable challenges that life brings each and every one of us?

I challenge you to think of just ONE thing you are grateful for in each of these three categories:

  1. Something you might take for granted, but others do not have so easily (ex. shelter, bed, food)someone that brings light to your life, and/or you can turn to when you need help (ex. friends, family, partner)
  2. Someone who brings light to your life, and/or you can turn to when you need help (ex. friends, family, partner)
  3. A quality about yourself that you like (ex. a skill you’ve learned, the sound of your laugh, how much less anxious you’ve become over the past year).

When you focus on each of these three things, give your full emotion to it. Allow it to grow in your mind. Enjoy it! Think about how great it feels to have it in your life. Think about it: you don’t need expensive clothes, cars or shoes to feel happy —a daily habit of gratitude is a FREE way to feel great about your quality of life.

Incorporate Your Personal “LoveMe Day”

We’ve been taught since we were young that we NEED to be busy; if we aren’t constantly working hard then that must mean we are lazy and selfish individuals, right?

Absolutely not. I show my Community members how to consciously create and nurture their personal LoveMe Days—a day they choose to fill up on self-love and self-care each week without interruptions. Because of their LoveMe Day, members’ other days of the week become more intuitive and more productive because they took the time to take care of themselves first. As they say on an airplane, you must put your own mask on before you are able to help anybody else.

If you’re wondering, “Which day would be best for my LoveMe Day?” Breathe, relax, and let the answer come to you. Surprisingly, your LoveMe day is not always on the weekend as most people assume … sometimes, the best day for it is a weekday!

Also, do not ask yourself, “What do I need to do on my LoveMe Day?” This is the wrong question! Please ask instead: “What do I WANT to do on my LoveMe day?” For myself personally, I wanted to cook on my previous LoveMe day, so that’s exactly what I did! Then I invited my friends over to share the meal with me.

Another day, I spent the entire morning in my PJs, lounging in bed. Once you have the hang of your LoveMe day down, I encourage you to teach your partner, friends, and kids to join you in creating their own LoveMe Day too—a balance of leisure time and working time.

Carving Out a Delicious Meditation Time You Crave

Ahh, meditation! Another trendy word that can make people shake their heads and look the other direction. I get it—the word “meditation” can make you think of images of solemn, intimidating Buddhist monks sitting still for hours on end. How can this practice relate to you?

Truthfully, meditation is simply a way of recharging your “brain battery.” The same way exercise can make your body feel refreshed and stronger after, meditation is like healthy exercise for the mind.

Personally, I maintain a corner in my home especially for meditation. When I close my door in this space, everyone knows this is my “me time” and not to bother me. Here, I keep my essential oils, comfortable chair, and my chakra tapestry. You can keep any items in your meditation area that calm you and bring you peace and joy when you see them.

All these physical aspects signal to your brain that it’s the time to begin this very enjoyable routine. The more you associate meditation with positive emotions and pleasant senses, the more your brain will look forward to—and even crave—meditating!

Please remember: if we don’t have any energy in us to give, we become stressed and think, “Ugh, everybody wants a piece of me! I can’t do it all!” Meditation is the antidote to this stressful yet common frame of mind.

Energy Clearing #1 For: APPEASEMENT

Note: The various energies mentioned in the following sections are pulled specifically from a FREE Live Video Session I did on Facebook on Sunday, May 5th, 2019. However, the results and takeaway knowledge from these energy clearings will likely still be of great use to you as you navigate any challenges currently in your life.

The first negative energy I identified using SRT techniques in the live group session was appeasement; when we give ourselves up to whatever situation we are facing, regardless of whether we approve of it or not. This is a negative energy because, when you give up your own Soul’s needs to appease someone or something else, your Soul ultimately suffers.

Appeasement is a learned behavior that many of us pick up from childhood from parents or teachers. Or, it could be taught in our society as a learned cultural behavior. An example of this in action is when we choose to worry and worry and worry instead of choosing to take a step back from a situation and think, “Okay, but what can I learn from this?”

We cannot change our thoughts as they enter our minds … but we can choose how long we chew on that negative thought, and whether we would like to direct our minds toward something more pleasant instead! Here perfectly fits another of my favorite sayings: watch your trigger, choose your action.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Replace appeasement with the desire to do better and become a more loving human being. When you do this, you will become a more balanced and positive self … resulting in a happier you.

Energy Clearing #2 For: UNHAPPINESS

When someone or something negative enters our lives, it is our reaction to that negativity that causes us unhappiness. Unhappiness is a choice. Whatever we observe (like a bystander) and choose to become upset about, that is our choice to do so. Unhappiness is a hole inside of us that we can choose to keep digging into, making it larger and larger and carrying it around with us everywhere we go… or, we can say thank you for this lesson and let it go without judgment.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Life is full of duality. We need to experience the negative to push us toward the positive. In this way, we are able to learn the lessons that are meant for us in this life, and become wiser beings in the process.

Energy Clearing #3 For: HELPLESSNESS

Helplessness can best be described as that sinking feeling in our stomach whenever we think to ourselves, “Why does this always happen to me? Why don’t things ever go my way?”

With a mindset like this, you are handing power over your emotions to everyone else, hoping that they will make you happy. I’m sorry, my dear friend, but that is simply not going to happen. No one else can be held responsible in maintaining your happiness—only YOU can control this!

Everybody on this planet Earth (no matter the religion, gender, nationality, political beliefs) occupies a Soul that is intentionally put on this Earth to learn something before their Soul leaves this three-dimensional body. Nobody wakes up in the morning and consciously chooses that they want to hurt you. When you fully comprehend this, how then can you be angry at someone’s beliefs or actions—knowing that everyone has their own motivations and learning opportunities they must work through?

Make the choice to stay neutral and wish that the other person will learn the lessons in this life that they are meant to learn … but please, do not put the control of your happiness into someone else’s hands. When you can master this spiritual concept of personal happiness, this FREES you and makes you feel lighter in your body and mind! Simply by engaging in this energy clearing session with your Spiritual Advisor, you are able to make better choices for your happiness moving forward.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Blaming others takes away your power to choose how you want to feel and react. Take life as it is. Take people as they are. Make a choice for how you want to feel about anything that walks in and out of your life. When you let go of such attachments … that is freedom. That is true liberation.

Positive Energy Download #1: DETERMINATION

During the live video group session, my Spiritual Response Therapy charts revealed to me that many in the group experienced a past life where they were strictly controlled and didn’t have the freedom to make their own choices. This could have been a result of cultural, work, or family life factors.

Watch the nuances in your life and ask: “How can I feel better about this? How can I release my expectations, my assumptions about this thing?” Assumptions create anger because they’re most likely not based in truth, in reality. Therefore, they don’t feel good!

Life Lesson & Takeaway: “I’m determined to make myself happy. I’m determined to find my freedom, find more leisure time, and invest in my LoveMe day. I am not lazy or selfish when I do these things, because these are what I deserve. I want to love myself more, so I can love and help other people more as well.”

Positive Energy Download #2: LOVE OF FELLOW MAN

The second positive energy download that my SRT charts revealed to me that the live group needed was to intuitively open up space for love and gentle acceptance of our fellow man (and naturally, to clear away any negative energy, assumptions, or beliefs that something is wrong with our fellow man).

The spiritual issue here is that we see the human body easily, but often struggle to see beyond it to the Soul that is inside. This is exactly why many people feel they are not truly seen or understood—because most of us do not take the time to understand the Soul on the inside.

Oh, and that annoying, critical voice that constantly chatters away in your mind? That is your ego trying to make you believe how things are … but it is your intuition that whispers to you what is true, where your life lessons are to be found, and to continuously enjoy being you all along the way.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Let your inner self (AKA your beautiful, wonderful intuition) talk to you as you are guided through a Spiritual Advisor session, or being lovingly guided with Spiritual Response Therapy techniques. We all arrived on this Earth perfectly imperfect, and chose these bodies in order to improve and become better.

Positive Energy Download #3: GRATITUDE

The final positive energy download was simple and sweet, but it was fitting as we came full circle to our discussion at the beginning of the Spiritual Advising group session: gratitude!

Because life is full of duality everywhere we turn, so too can we find something to be grateful for in every situation. Even when it rains, it’s a good thing (some other places don’t have enough water)!

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Yes, we all want more money, more free time, more vacations, etc… but with a grateful heart, you will soon find that the pathway for the things you need to happen for you will unfold as you begin to manifest what you desire for your life.

Special 1-1 Energy Clearing with Volunteer Sophia: CODEPENDENCY

Disclaimer: My 1-1 energy clearings are more expensive when given as private Spiritual Advisor sessions. I know what this transformative experience is worth for my clients who are happy and willing to pay for it, but in order to share this spiritual and intuitive experience with more individuals online, I love giving a 10-15 minute FREE taste in my live group SRT sessions. My volunteer this time, Sophia, was chosen by Spirit to learn about codependent energy in her subconscious, appreciate the life lesson it taught her, and let it go.

So many good and bad beliefs live in our subconscious memory—but if a negative belief is not ready to go, I as your Spiritual Advisor (guided by your Spiritual Guidance above) will not be able to see it in order to clear it using SRT techniques. All happens in its due time.

For Sophia, codependent energy was running as an automatic program, or belief, in her subconscious. This codependent energy tells her that she can only be happy when someone else will be happy, when in fact this is entirely untrue. Believing we are not independently capable, that we will never have enough money on our own, or enough self-love on our own … these codependent beliefs are like an anchor or sandbag weighing down a hot air balloon. No good!

For Sophia, Spirit showed me that she had gone through a transition in her past life, but was leaning too much on codependent energy during that transition, so her Soul got stuck in that negative energy. In other words, we used Spiritual Response Therapy techniques to reveal that her Soul has not quite been able to let go of that memory, of the belief that big life transitions are not safe for her, and that she is not ready for them.

With my SRT energy clearing, I helped raise Sophia’s vibration to a higher, better, more positive belief that yes, she is independently capable of anything she desires in her life and can trust her intuition to lead her. To finish off the live session, we let go of her negative subconscious energy of codependency and mistrust. We cleared the memory from her past life, along with any negative energy attached to it, to make her clear and make her feel free.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: We no longer believe in the stories held in our negative subconscious memories! We no longer follow these old beliefs! We trust the universe that whatever is meant for us will be ours.

Conclusion: Learn More About Spiritual Advisors & Energy Clearing

We do this type of deep, intuitive, spiritual Soul work every week in my private online community. Normally, one private session with me (1-on-1) is $300, while 4 sessions (1 per week) in my online Facebook community is just $49/month.

BUT, for a limited time, I have lowered your monthly investment to just $29/month. Plus, your first month is simply a trial period to see if you enjoy the lighter, happier feeling you experience from these live online spiritual energy clearing sessions.

Essentially, you get four FULL energy clearing sessions for a combined total of just $1—and if you’re not feeling it? You aren’t required in any way to stay beyond your trial month if you do not wish to (although we would all love to have you with us).

Consider joining the private community for weekly energy boosts and SRT clearing today.

Thank you for reading this far, my friend, and I hope I will hear from you personally during our next live group SRT session. Remember, everything in life is ENERGY, and we are infinitely powerful beings that can CHANGE that energy.

With the help of a Spiritual Advisor and your Spiritual Guidance from above, we can scoop out the negative and replace with positive energy, while learning mindfulness techniques to help you maintain that good energy along the way!

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