Week 6: Putting the Intuitive Information That We Received to Work

Week 6: Putting the Intuitive Information That We Received to Work

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How you use your intuitive knowing will have an affect on your ability to access it.

When you use the information that you are receiving intuitively for good, the information will continue flowing through you. However, when you use the intuitive information in the wrong way to reap the benefits and take advantage of people or anything in a negative manner, your intuition will begin to fade.


Many people do not understand that we are given intuition as a gift. It is not given to you to control or to use as a power tool. Some people in the past or even currently who have intuition use it in a very negative way. Intuition is always meant to be a positive white light. When you embrace that and use it with light, it continues to stay around you for always and forever.

Put the information that was given to you intuitively to work. Start putting it in your life using the information to benefit you and see the results so that you can continue having trust in your guides that are around you.

Dream Messages

Your dreams will begin to become clearer and the information from your dreams is not about your day to day life. They become significant and they stand out. They contain powerful messages within them.

Keep a log of your dreams so that you can use these messages and information in your daily life. They may contain a warning about the people that you love and are so close to. Remember, in order for you to connect to your intuition you must nurture it. You must be made of love and light and be positive.

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