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10 Concerns about Supplements

Dr. Deborah Gordon dives into the controversies and misperceptions surrounding supplements.

1. I eat a good diet and don’t think I need supplements at all. Do I? Perhaps you don’t. Maybe you have access to food that’s been grown organically on soil that’s been well-tended for generations, and you truly do eat recently collected eggs and the milk or the meat and organs of healthy farm animals. If not, you might consider a trial of supplements. The most popular supplements are vitamin D, fish oil, CoQ10, probiotics, and multivitamins. 2. But my own doctor told me that supplements are useless. And she cites plenty of research that vitamins are useless for our health in general, and for specific issues, such as cardiovascular health. First, what happens inside you is not necessarily what happens in large studies. It’s best to learn about you. For example, you can check such things as vitamin D on a routine lab test from your physician or order your own lab tests through or or any of several other do-it-yourself lab test providers. Second: Studies about “vitamins in general” typically disregard the quality of vitamin products. The website eva …

About the Author

Deborah Gordon MD

Deborah Gordon MD is a competitive rower and paleo aficionado who practices integrative medicine in Ashland, Oregon. She...

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