Only Love Will Save the World

Only Love Will Save the World

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A profound fact about our current economic situation is that it has made the vast gap between the very wealthy and the rest of the world more apparent than ever. Only a blind person could fail to see that some in our society prosper with incredible affluence and power, while others suffer the inevitable fate of those lacking sufficient resources to build even modest, secure lives.

Why do we structure our society this way? Why do we allow ourselves to live in a world of “winners” and “losers?” Why do we tolerate affluence at the expense of human dignity and right relations? These are questions that have to be answered immediately. They are questions that demand our full attention, as they bring us right to the heart of our sense of ourselves as human beings. Are we alive to struggle against one another—striving to gain ever more for ourselves—or are we alive to love and support one another?

We have the opportunity to make a truly new world—one where sharing, justice and peace are the hallmarks of our daily life—but in order to do so we will have to dedicate ourselves to love. What does it mean to love? Simply this: to see others as every bit as important as oneself; to give time and attention to others exactly as we do for ourselves; to genuinely believe, know and experience that the well-being of others is as important as our own.

This profound change in consciousness is the destiny of all people. One day we will all inevitably cross the threshold into being the love that we are in essence. To make that change is the purpose of life. Every trial we face, including the financial challenges in our personal and global lives, presents an opportunity to move toward love, to give where we can. When seen in this light, the true light of spirit, the present situation is perhaps the greatest opportunity ever afforded humanity. Will we accept its gift?

Fortunately we are not alone in this special moment. Today the Masters of Wisdom—led by Maitreya, the World Teacher—individuals who have gone before us on the path to a state of full realization, are once again living among us, emerging onto the world stage to offer a plan and a path into love, peace, justice and sharing. Their only purpose is to serve humanity, and we will see them soon. Look for those—first one then others—who embody and express what lives in the heart. Listen for the voices of reason and love. Align yourself to what is good and true. And together, we will build a new world.

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