4 Energy Clearing Strategies

4 Energy Clearing Strategies


There are a variety of ways to approach energy clearing.

When committing to an ongoing energy clearing practice, people often wonder how to keep their focus aligned with what is occurring in their experience.

I usually offer four different strategies for approaching a practice to keep it fresh, interesting and resonating with purposeful focus.

Strategy 1: What would you like to resolve/evolve/shift in your experience?

When you identify a pattern, theme, behavior, relationship issue that you’d like to move through and beyond, it can catalyze ongoing work in your chakras and aura. Developing an intention that speaks to the desired evolution using it as a dedication to the work done at each session supports your movement toward what you desire.

For example, if you’d like to diminish resistance to change to meet new experiences without anxiety and a need to control for all variables, then a focalizing intention for each session might be, ‘I am open and available to new experiences, opportunities and choices.’

Strategy 2: What’s coming up today?

As you begin your practice, check-in to see what’s emergent in your awareness and requiring your attention. Allow yourself to sink in to your conscious awareness and be present to what lights up for clearing and release.

For example, a client recently did a lot of work to identify the payoff or secondary gains received from chronic illness and hypersensitivity. She tunes in to her awareness to determine which secondary gain is most active in her field and then uses that information to inform her daily practice

When you tune in to what’s up for you right now, you’re leveraging your effort because the energy is already activated and ‘lit up’ in your field.

Strategy 3: Clear anything that stands in the way of you [fill in the blank]

When you’ve actively cleared a pattern, theme, behavior, belief or issue for a while, you may find that there’s not always readily identifiable energy awaiting your attention. Yet, you haven’t yet completely freed or resolved the issue. In these instances, It’s helpful to invite clearing based on the antidote or outcome you’d like to achieve.

A practitioner told me about clearing an invalidation pattern where he recognized that his inner critic was actually the voice of his mother, belittling him, and negating his ability to succeed. He had largely silenced this voice, so it didn’t feel relevant to continue to work the theme. Instead, he shifted his focus to clearing energies, emotions, beliefs, patterns, themes that inhibited his ability to thrive in his practice. As the backlog is diminished, residual energies can be cleared so that alignment and flow emerge.

Strategy 4: In the moment activation and clearing

Every experience is an opportunity for clarity, presence and in-the-moment response. When a trigger is tripped, old patterns, themes, beliefs, issues have activated. When this occurs, it’s useful to ground into current time and then clear the emotional energy that activated. Even if it’s not possible to clear energy at the exact moment of activation or reaction, it’s possible to put an energetic ‘bookmark’ on the experience and take up the clearing thereafter. When returning to the bookmarked experience for clearing, the energy from that moment becomes accessible.

Everyone has ‘go to’ behaviors that hide beneath their triggers. A colleague told me about an experience where her partners driving appeared reactive and aggressive. My colleague was triggered and confronted the behavior. Her partner felt misunderstood, and exploded. My colleague caught herself, apologized and cleared the anger and distrust that kicked off the confrontation. As her emotional energy cleared, she reset the conversation, queried his choice and understood that he had been proactive and responsible, rather than reactive and aggressive. She also noticed a lasting difference in her demeanor following the experience. By clearing her anger in the moment, the net gains in equanimity and poise were much larger than the anger generated and released during the incident itself.

Remember that clearing is never about making something go away, nor does it bypass ownership and accountability for conscious or unconscious choices. Energy clearing requires owning and acknowledging the energy that created the experience, pattern, theme, issue, belief, behavior, reaction and then releasing the energetic charge to become increasingly resourceful, present and conscious about engaging, interacting and responding to life’s experiences.

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