Toolbox: Recovery Room

Toolbox: Recovery Room

Try these picks from S&H to keep your body active by giving it tools to repair itself.

Tool Ethans Mctshot

With an energizing kick and a mildly sweet aftertaste, Ethan’s MCT* shots will boost you from the inside out. ($48 for 12 pack)

*MCT = medium chain triglycerides

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Tool Walball

For those hard-to-reach pain points, Walball will go with you anywhere and stick to the wall or the floor for portable trigger-point therapy. ($19.95)

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Tool Dozzi White Noise

In a world filled with distracting sounds, DOZZI creates white noise to tune out the disruptions and let your mind rest. ($39.99)

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Tool Foam Roller

When you can’t make it to the massage therapist, the Grid Foam Roller simulates an everyday version to help you work out knots. ($34.99)

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Tool The Stick

The aptly named Body Stick gives you the power to control how much pressure you apply as you roll out any and all of your major muscles. ($42.50)

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“Life is a balance between rest and movement.” 


Tool Recovery Stick

A well-hydrated body recovers faster. Put the Recovery Stick in your water bottle and it will create a hydration source that is alkaline and rich in hydrogen. ($17.99)

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Tool Kozi Wrap

Your aching upper body will forgive long hours spent at the computer when you wrap the Kozi Neck and Shoulder Wrap, either heated or cooled, snugly around it. ($34.95)

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Tool Pain Relief Spray

For immediate relief from nagging pain, Pain Relief Spray with Menthol delivers non-staining curcumin and a good amount of tingling to boot. ($19.99)

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Tool Soy Candle

Create an outdoor ambience for your restorative practice by burning Into the Woods, an evergreen scented soy candle. ($22)

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Tool Melt Method

Our hands and feet are in service to us all day long; show them some love by energizing them with the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment. ($49.99)

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Tool Eko Yoga Mat

With just the right amount of grip and cushion, the Eko yoga mat is a planet-friendly way to support your body as you stretch out sore muscles. ($88)

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—Kalia Kelmenson

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