Artists: January/February 2019

Artists: January/February 2019

no wallflower - Claudi Kessels

Amanda Blake
Their dreams and memories formed the waves that would guide them (page 21), The fires in her heart kept her warm (25)
oil on canvas

Apak Studio
By the Stream (page 39)
gouache on wood panel,

Rebecca Chaperon
Snake Lake (page 59), Ritual (61), Vessel (62), Memory Light (64)
acrylic on canvas,

Andrea D’Aquino
Roadside Assistance in the Holy Land (pages 46–50)
mixed media,

Kim Ferreira
Joie de Vivre: Full Moon #2 (26)
oil on panel

Graham Franciose
“Please don’t say ‘everything will be OK’.” (page 29)
watercolor, ink, and gouache on coffee-stained paper,

Meghan Hildebrand
Los Cuentos (page 36)
acrylic on canvas,

Claudi Kessels
no wallflower (page 30)
mixed media,

Akvile Magicdust
Chi-chat (page 23)

Yevgenia Nayberg
Girl with the Gourd (page 33)
oil on canvas,

Jess Polanshek
Quilted Comrades (page 41), Asleep in the Quilted Forest (42), Quilted Treetop (44)
pen, ink, and watercolor,

Ellen Rooney
The Next 20 Years of Spirituality & Health (pages 52–56)
mixed media,

Sandra Salamony
Va Via Farm (page 16)

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