3 Reasons to be Optimistic for Our Future

3 Reasons to be Optimistic for Our Future

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Spiritual progress is breaking down outworn religious structures and bringing a new demand for justice in the political arena, and yet... many cling to the old ways. Why be optimistic today?

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We are in a difficult transition right now from one age to the next. The forces of light and progress are making an unprecedented impact on civilization while the tendencies toward fear and separation are making a last ditch stand against what is ultimately inevitable. Thus we see the great movement toward real spiritual progress breaking down outworn religious structures and bringing a new demand for honesty and justice in the political arena. At the same time those who cling to the old ways are doing whatever they can to advance their actual desire for a world dominated by a few rich and powerful people at the expense of the freedom of the rest of humanity.

That is the current state of affairs. Why be optimistic today?

1. We are about to witness the emergence into public life of a group of fully enlightened individuals whose only purpose is to serve human liberation. They are known by some as the Masters of Wisdom, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher. They will call to what is best in all of us, and we will build a truly new civilization. This is not some idealistic pipe dream, but an event planned since 1875 and already unfolding before us. The Masters have gone ahead of us on the spiritual path and thus know the terrain. They are what every one of us will one day become: selfless embodiments of God’s will, love and light. They are here now, gradually making their approach to our deeply skeptical, materialistic world. They will not be deterred in their mission, which is nothing less than the restoration of the Plan of Light on Earth.

2. The heart of humanity is sound, open and loving. We may see ourselves as not fully dedicated to the kinds of changes the world so desperately needs, but that is because no one has ever really presented the possibility of real change. The Masters will do just this, and they have no doubt that the vast majority of humanity will say “yes” to a world in which all are free to enjoy the bounty of this planet, where all are free to truly love one another and build a society where no one has to do without the bare necessities of life. This is our future and we will create it.

3. No one can imagine the power and love of creation itself, but that power, which we might call the will of God, is now directed toward the re-creation of our global society. This unlimited force is at the disposal of all who seek to positively transform our world. Of course we have free will and can always choose where to direct our energies, but as we give ourselves to the betterment of life for all people, the love and power of creation itself will express in us.

Although many are suffering in today’s dying civilization, just ahead of us is a time when we will experience events unparalleled in human history and begin anew. This is indeed reason for optimism. For more information, visit

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