Become an Energy Healing Practitioner: 5 Considerations

Become an Energy Healing Practitioner: 5 Considerations


Have you considered becoming an energy healing practitioner? Start here.

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Have you considered becoming an energy healing practitioner?

Becoming an energy practitioner is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. You might have considered it, too, if you desire a purpose-driven career, and you thrive from helping others.

I frequently have conversations with people eager to become energy healing practitioners. If you are in that contemplation, here are five factors to consider.

1 Doing the Work Includes a Personal Practice

To become a successful practitioner, it is essential to commit to ongoing personal evolution. Without personal experience it’s difficult to recognize and help a client navigate and traverse a healing journey. When a practitioner grows and evolves personally, so does her client practice. I often say that it is essential for a practitioner to be one step ahead of her fastest growing client.

2 Embrace Boundaries

It’s essential to navigate the terrain from caretaking (enrolling inappropriately in the client’s experience), to facilitating (holding space and guiding evolution as a neutral observer and resource). Boundaries keep the client relationship clear and clean, and prevent practitioners from burning out from over-identification with client issues.

3 Select the training program that is right for you

Weekend workshops do not make a cohesive modality. In fact, this often leads new practitioners to offer confusing and ineffective treatments, sometimes creating greater imbalance in the client’s field.

A confusing aspect of chakra-based healing is that different teachers interpret the chakras and aura differently. Choose an in-depth program where you can deeply study the energy healing modality and the human energy field.

Look for a program that:

  • offers supervision and peer review
  • demands personal rigor and inner work
  • is prana-based if you’re into chakras, and chi-based if you’re into meridians
  • offers clear protocols for different types of issues
  • offers guidance on comprehensive case intake
  • offers certification, including documented practice client hours and appropriate testing to demonstrate competency
  • offers training on how to launch and maintain a successful business

4 To Reiki or not to Reiki

People often ask about Reiki as a modality to learn to launch a practice. Reiki is now heavily commoditized; many people offer and deliver Reiki for free. Thus, it is difficult to earn a living as a Reiki practitioner. Additionally, it’s important to be well-versed in how energy influences and generates experience. Reiki is often taught in very general terms, and the practitioner lacks specificity in how to coherently support healing and evolution. Taking your work up a few levels beyond Reiki is important in becoming a practitioner who serves a wide spectrum of health and wellness issues and people who are ready to heal, grow and evolve.

5 Running a Practice is Running a Business

Lastly, after contemplating studying energy healing, it’s important to consider the other aspect of the work: being a business owner.

Practitioners need to manage:

  • administrative and legal elements
  • financial and accounting related tasks
  • marketing, sales and networking activities

It’s not enough to know how to clear a chakra or the aura. A solid business foundation ensures that the practice can thrive. Practitioners need to embrace the significant amount of work involved in running a successful practice.

It’s Rewarding Work

I hope that these topics are helpful in guiding your decision. If you choose this path, the rewards are great.

It is a privilege to teach new practitioners to master a systems-based energy healing modality and support them as they develop and launch their practice. If you would like to do your training through the Energy Healing Institute, I am accepting applications and will take a few more students into next year’s practitioner programs.

Learn more about the Practitioner Programs at the Energy Healing Institute.

I wish you success in your practice and enormous satisfaction as you see clients shift, heal, grow and evolve.

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