The Crown Chakra: Are You Too Heavenly Minded?

The Crown Chakra: Are You Too Heavenly Minded?


Two practices to manifest the ideas and guidance you receive from your spiritual practice.

Q. I am very connected to my spiritual practice and to my guides. My guides offer specific suggestions about manifesting my life and ideas, yet things rarely fall into place in accordance with my guidance. I’m a positive person. My spirituality is the most important thing in my life. What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t my life come together?

I frequently hear this concern from people who spend a lot of time cultivating their spiritual connections. It’s a cause of deep frustration, and can generate skepticism that manifestation through spiritual connection is even possible.

Over the years I’ve often found that many of these good people have difficulty actualizing their lives because their energy is driven too strongly from their crown chakra. The chakra functions as a resource to spiritual connection, its opening points up to the sky.

Yet it’s important to think of the seven distinct chakras as an integrated system of energy that enables life to be lived through fullness, wholeness and autonomy. When one chakra or another dominates experience, then the system is out of balance and the ability to live fully and wholly is skewed and diminished.

When the crown chakra (seventh chakra) dominates experience, there is a tendency to have difficulty bringing idea into form…a long-winded phrase for manifestation. The tendency comes from having too much of an emphasis on spiritual connection and not enough on physical, embodied awareness.

I’ve heard this tendency described as being ‘too heavenly-minded to be any earthly good’. The point is that the reliance and in fact, overarching focus on spiritual connection erodes the connection to the nuts and bolts of living an embodied life. Yet when we consider another phrase, ‘we’re spiritual beings having a human experience’, we begin to make the important connection that embodied presence is the key to manifesting a spiritual life.

If you’re ready to embody your spirituality, manifest the ideas and guidance you receive from meditation, prayer and other spiritual practice, I’d suggest the following two practices:

Close Your Crown, Open Your Feet

  • Bring your awareness to your crown chakra at the top of your head. Imagine closing the chakra petals that point up to the sky to about 25% open. You’re engaged with the Cosmos, All That Is, your guides, Source through a more embodied sense of connection. Notice any sense of containment or deepened presence you experience as you integrate a more embodied spiritual connection.
  • Bring your awareness to your feet chakras, in the arches of your feet. Imagine opening the chakra petals that point down to the Earth to about 60 or 70% open. You’re embodying your energy, drawing your spiritual insights into your body, and cultivating a downward flow of energy, rather than an artificially stimulated energy flow that moves up and out, defying gravity. Notice the more solid, anchored fullness in your being as you draw your energy deeply into your body.

Ground Your Energy Field into the Earth

  • Bring your awareness to your first chakra, between the ovaries in women and at the base of the spine in men. Imagine creating a ball of bright green energy, as wide as your hips. Allow the ball to drop, forming a cord of green energy that enters the rocky crust, travels through the molten magma, all the way to the core of the Earth. When you anchor into the core of the Earth with your grounding cord, you move directly into the here and now, at home in your body, congruent and in sync with the Earth.

You can manifest when you’re resonating with the Earth and operating through current time. Your spirituality is anchored with your body, emotions, volition, compassion and passion, authenticity and your glorious, embodied ideas.

As you connect to your spiritual practice, your energy may revert to crown chakra dominance. That’s fine when you’re in your spiritual practice. When you’ve completed your meditation, ritual or ceremony, continue to bring your good work home to your embodied self. See yourself as that glorious, spiritual being with an embodied, powerful, physical form that actualizes idea into form. As you do so, your crown chakra will integrate with your energy body and align with your full self to create the life that you’d like to have.

Here’s to embodiment and a balanced, cohesive energy system!

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