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Who Am I?

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This book lyrically explores the emotions that we feel when we carry negative beliefs about ourselves.

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Without my most difficult times, I could not have reached so far to know who I really am.

Through a poetic retelling of true events, Dharma Grace leads others through her own healing journey. She illustrates how the sense of self can become damaged through early negative experiences and then, through introspective reflection, ultimately restores itself and turns love inward to embrace a fulfilling and happy life.

Grace, who is a seasoned psychotherapist, lyrically explores the emotions that we feel when we carry negative beliefs about ourselves and teaches those who may feel lost or trapped within a dark world to listen to their own guidance and spirituality in order to attain a deeper understanding of who they are, despite all their challenges.

Who Am I? shares a poignant journey of true healing that provides hope to all those on a spiritual path to loving themselves.

From the book:

As I get dressed,
I look down at my body.

There are
so many scars
that speak
of my journey.

Some of them are
still very tender.
They send twinges
of pain
that remind me
of where I’ve been.

But they too are

I dress myself and
cover up my scars.

I am no longer
a victim of my life.
I am in charge now.
No one can take that
away from me.

About the Author

Dharma Grace is a psychotherapist who loves spending time with her family. Her mission in life is to surround herself with as...

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