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The range from 2-6 is a perfect time for children to absorb historical facts, as well as gain musical skills and performance confidence.

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Magifunmusic is about teaching the joy and understanding of classical music to young children; enhancing intelligence and building self-confidence through music; and leading the child into a journey of self-discovery and many joyful experiences, through music, that should last a lifetime.

The book is full of practical ideas, methods, techniques, and lesson plans for school teachers, parents, hospital caregivers, and musicians at every level who could obtain wonderful results through teaching, sharing, and living this timeless art.

It is aimed at finding a way to retain this beautiful art in our education system. It is aimed at possibly creating loving work for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and young students. It is aimed at spreading love and communication through an art that has been around for centuries and is so readily available to all through modern technology. It is aimed at teaching the world to sing, love, laugh, communicate, and play through classical music!

This book addresses the concepts, theories, and performance aspects of music, like many other books written, but with detailed lesson plans and stories so a person, with a short course of music training, could get straight to work and start teaching a music class. The book is written with step-by-step processes that are fun for children. The activities and ideas in this book have been practiced with countless children by the author for the past twenty-two years.

Understanding Classical Music is an activity that could be shared with all generations. This book is written to teach young children the concepts of music, as well as Classical Music art which knows no generation gap.

Children learn more in the first six years of life than any other time. Neuroscientists have proved that, during these early years, children are predominantly in the elusive Theta brain wave state. This frequency allows the brain to store and retain huge amounts of information which become stored in the long term memory. This stage, from two to six years, is a perfect time for children to absorb historical facts, as well as gain musical skills and performance confidence.

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