Science, Belief, Intuition

Science, Belief, Intuition


This beautiful memoir describes one physician's perspective on the interface of science and spirituality.

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Science, Belief, Intuition discovers new knowledge. Science falsifies erroneous explanations to generate evidence-based knowing. Intuition is the still-small voice verifying beliefs to create a spiritual knowing. This memoir describes the interface of science and spirituality.

Excerpt from Science, Belief, Intuition.

"Reflection on my life as a Physician revealed inclinations to spirituality and science. Spirituality is my awareness of a relationship with a personal higher power characterized by her loving acceptance and affirmation, and by my experiences of awe, wonder, delight and gratitude in our communication and in my interactions with all of creation. Science is the evidence-based generation of knowledge – the discipline that channeled my curiosity about how the world works. Together, science and spirituality were 2 lenses though which I came to know how the world operates."

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