The Way It Is

The Way It Is


In this book, you'll find a synopsis of how one expert on "Scientific Consciousness" sees its evolution and how you can apply its teachings to your life.

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R Preston Todd has been involved with “Scientific Consciousness” for well over 30 years. Here you will find a synopsis of how he sees the evolution of consciousness, as well as his learnings, in order that you, too, may apply these concepts.

Excerpt from The Way It Is:

"It is quiet. There is nothing but infinity and silence. Then, an instant later it is still quiet, but there are now three simple pieces defining existence by their capacity to accommodate everything. An instant later, there is a Big Bang and it is quiet no longer. Descriptive terms are assigned to these three pieces, in order they not be confused with the multitudes of explanations that have come along since under other labels: the Infinite, the Finite, and the Power of Creation."

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