Journey Beyond Linear Time

Journey Beyond Linear Time


This book reveals that heaven is neither up there nor out there somewhere.

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What would it be like to transcend the limitations on planet earth? How intriguing would it be to experience life through a higher mind, with significantly broader experiences than you ever imagined? Journey Beyond Linear Time reveals that heaven is neither up there nor out there somewhere. Instead, it is right here where we stand.

Author Raphael Jara has walked on this earth in pure spirit multiple times in this incarnation. He has seen inside others and recognized their scars, their pain, and the troubles they bore. He has had divine experiences right here on earth, which most would consider out of this world. And he has been inside the massive and expansive energy field we refer to as God. He states that it exists, it is substantive, and it is where we come from.

An excerpt from Journey Beyond Linear Time

“I suspect that the greatest misconception that most people hold in their hearts and minds is that they are mere humans. And wherever the heart and mind go, we go with them. This belief of being mere humans is the beginning of our bondage here on earth. If we believe that we are merely this human body, then we have limited ourselves to a reality that says we are born, we die, and that’s all there is.”

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