Grip of the Hawk

Grip of the Hawk


In this book, we step into unknown realms and meet a succession of otherworldly teachers.

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Psychiatrist Rachel Julian thought she had it all. But when a premonition warns her she is in grave danger, Dr. Julian steps into unknown realms and meets a succession of otherworldly teachers who tell her she has been lured into a spiritual war.

Excerpt from Grip of the Hawk:

I remembered the message about trust I received during my meditation at The Edge. Trust did not mean stupidity. It meant to trust that I would get the support I needed in hard times, to trust that life meant me no harm, and to trust my distrust of people when it showed itself to me. The Rev prophesied there would be more challenging events for me to deal with, my “Dark Man” dream foreshadowed it, and the spirits of my parents knew it. It was my responsibility to prepare any way possible—to do my part, to take advice from people I trusted, and to listen to my intuition. Fear has a place. It is survival when it signals a real danger.

I called the alarm system company the same day, and they sent out two of their top sales representatives. They arrived at the house prepared to do a sales number on me. “Never mind the sales pitch,” I told them. “I’ve already decided to buy an alarm system. I need to know what my options are, and to find out how soon you can install it. My attorney advised me to put an alarm in immediately. So if you could educate me, gentlemen, I would appreciate it.”

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