Toolbox: Gifts That Give

Toolbox: Gifts That Give

Support a cycle of giving by choosing from these 
socially and environmentally conscious brands.


Tie a bow on the darling Sebastian for your favorite wee one and you’ll be providing 10 meals to children who would otherwise go hungry. ($52)

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The Fillmore

Bring the gift of hearing to someone who otherwise would have to live without it by giving The Fillmore to that special someone who won’t put up with anything other than crisp, clear sound. ($99.99)

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Relaxation Booster

Fill stockings with Relaxation Booster, a vegan, organic, plant-based supplement, and you’ll be supporting initiatives to make fresh produce available in food deserts in North America. ($36)

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Chocolate Lover

The best gift for your minimalist friend who has never met a superfood she doesn’t like, Chocolate Lover benefits Action against Hunger to give nutrition to children who routinely go without. ($29.90)

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Choose from the Classic Design Value Pack, or design your own, and you will be helping to send Biosand water filters, and therefore clean water, to families in India. ($33.75)

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“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” 

Maya Angelou


Repurposed bullet casings are used to create the chic Brass .50 Caliber Bar and Circle Necklace by this veteran-owned company that is committed to employing and supporting our veterans. ($110)

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Inspire Tee

Show someone they brighten your day by gifting the Inspire Long Sleeve tee and you’ll be helping women who are at risk for sex trafficking learn a vocation. ($39)

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Minimal Tote

Your bestie will be thrilled when she slings the Minimal Tote over her shoulder and finds it’s got just the right amount of space, plus you’ll be supporting women’s earning a living and orphans’ getting off the streets in Rwanda. ($219)

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Turkish Towel

Like a ray of light, the beautiful color of this Classic Turkish Towel will brighten anyone’s day. By giving it, you support artisan weavers in small towns in southeast Turkey who are struggling to maintain their trade. ($32.95)

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• With a stated goal of “wearing out poverty,” Soles4Souls works to bring gently used shoes and clothing to people who need them, helping to disrupt the cycle of poverty.

• Get involved with a #GivingTuesday event near you, or start your own initiative. By using social media and collaborating with a global network, you can bring meaningful change to your community. 

- Kalia Kelmenson

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