Talk To Us: November/December 2018

Talk To Us: November/December 2018

Letters from our readers.

From a Founder

About 23 years ago Trinity Church Wall Street ran a survey to find out what should be our focus in making grants. The response was overwhelmingly directed toward spirituality. We met then with the editor of Time magazine and discovered that they had done the same kind of research and came up with the same conclusion—spirituality. “The problem for us,” said the editor, “is that we have no one here who knows anything about that topic. I think you at Trinity Wall Street should take the lead.” With that, we began the slow and deliberate process of putting together the team to create the magazine you now hold in your hand. It has gotten better every year and I still treasure the mail when it contains a new copy of the splendid publication.

Congratulations on your 20 years, and may the next 20 years reach even more souls in the search for deeper meaning. 

—Daniel P. Matthews D.D. Rector Emeritus, Trinity Wall Street

P.S. T George and I are proud of your work! He from up there, and I from down here!

The Poetry Page

I always love the poems that you include in each issue, and I was especially impressed with the piece by Tracy K. Smith. I wanted to thank you for selflessly putting together a magazine that truly helps people on the spiritual path. I regularly coach aspiring writers and artists, and we all find Spirituality & Health both inspiring and useful. I know that writing and editing such materials is also an act of love. 

—James Crews

Community Journal

I have been a Spirituality & Health subscriber for many years, and I’m delighted that you have started “Our Community Journal” for readers to share their experiences. It seems that in the current climate of polarization our greatest spiritual challenge lies in our ability to bridge our differences and stay engaged with one another, while helping to lift up the most vulnerable. As we become self-aware and take responsibility for healing our own personal core wounds, hidden gifts become evident that empower us to move beyond ourselves to heal our communities, our nation, and our world as well. 

 —Mary Miller

Kind Words 

Read [Sept./Oct.] front to back and then back to front again. Loved the artwork accompanying the articles this time.

—Mara Owens

Trouble in Chambalabamba!

We are engaged in an interesting “battle” with the community, and I believe it would be both honest and interesting to your readers to know how this is sorting itself out, and how in some ways the community is a lie, and how we are going to change that. We are still in the process, but I would love to eventually chronicle this and add it to the article [Welcome to Chambalabamba!, Sept./Oct.] in a few months.


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