Artists: November/December 2018

Artists: November/December 2018

Summary of artists featured in the November/December 2018 issue.

Andrea D’Aquino
Your Personal Hero Quest (pages 68–74)
mixed media

Maria Carluccio
Hanging by an Umbrella (page 25)

Wendy Csoka
And I Did Have a Rainbow (page 38)
acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Davis
Cultivate (page 26)
acrylic and graphite

Zoey Frank
Grandma’s Teapot (page 32)
Oil and gold leaf on panel

Denise Griffin
Hamsa: Rising Moon (page 18)

Britt Harrison
Through the Hole in the Pillow (page 31)
oil on canvas

Alena Hennessy
Wild Love Garden (page 63), The Alchemy of Forgiveness (65), Happy (67)
mixed media

Kayra Handmade by Ceren ICLI KIZILTAN
Reflection of the Mind (page 34), Set Your Soul Free (35), Only Take the Good Ones with You (36)

Vivienne Strauss
Beat Birds (page 40)

Elizabeth DeJure Wood
Our Roadside Oracle Answers Life’s 5 Big Questions (pages 48–53) acryla-gouache on paper & digital

Jesse Zhang
Rise and Sort of Shine (page 29)
digital illustration

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