The Power of Practicing Forgiveness

The Power of Practicing Forgiveness


Establish a new beginning with a refreshed outlook that can help you in your quest to release the past and embrace forgiveness.

Have you ever spent sleepless nights tossing and turning continuously reminding yourself of something that has happened in the past? Holding onto feelings of anger, hurt, resentment and sadness can take both a physical and mental toll on our bodies. Although, cliché the power of forgiveness is not for the other person’s satisfaction it is for yours.

According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, psychologists generally describe forgiveness as a, “conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.”

Some of the harmful effects aligned with being unforgiving of others are depression, high blood pressure, muscle tension and an increased heart rate. It can also deeply affect our ability to enjoy and be present in the moment as well as striking down our confidence and creating a false sense of self. But possessing the strength and willpower to embrace forgiveness will not only reduce these harmful traits it can also create a renewed sense of hope, inner peace, gratitude and happiness.

The practice of forgiveness is one of many crucial components to fully living a happy healthy lifestyle. Even if you were never offered the apology you once hoped for it maybe time to move forward but the only way to do so, is by letting go. Here are some ways to establish a new beginning with a refreshed outlook that can help you in your quest to release the past and embrace forgiveness.

Don't go to sleep angry. To dwell on something for too long, often times grows into something much larger than it actually is. It’s important not to allow negative emotions to eat you up inside because receiving an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep is necessary to your physical health.

Acknowledge your growth from the experience. Consistently journaling your most coveted thoughts can aid in the process to grow, thrive and heal because the most essential relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

Live in the moment instead of staying in the past. The power of forgiveness is a more energy-efficient alternative than the drain of holding onto a grudge. Although, letting go, is not easy in the end it is worth it to have peace of mind and the abundance to live, love and laugh without limitations.

When you think of maintaining good health it is not solely limited to the body but also the mind and the power of forgiveness adds to the cultivation of positive emotions. By practicing and encouraging forgiveness as a daily habit it opens a clear path towards personal growth, emotional fulfillment, a positive outlook and serves as one of the key elements to a long lasting, well-balanced life.

Another point to consider is that you may find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum as the one seeking forgiveness. If you feel strongly about something you may have done or said to someone the best thing to do is speak up with sincerity, admit your wrongs with integrity and without making excuses. As the apologizer owning responsibility for a regrettable act is the most critical part of an apology. Coupled with a detailed explanation of what happened, expression of regret and a sincere promise or intention of some sort for the person you caused pain.

In hopes all will be forgiven this will make for an authentic genuine apology. But at the end of the day, immediate forgiveness is not always guaranteed and just as you, others have the right to forgive in their own time.

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