Toolbox: Clear the Air

Toolbox: Clear the Air

Breath is Life. Try these picks from S&H to breathe with ease.

Bio Scarf

Made of a uniquely designed material, the easy-to-wear Bioscarf effectively filters out the junk in the air you don’t want to breath. ($39) 

Cambridge Mask

If you have to wear a mask, the multitude of patterns and colors and its multilayered filtering technology make the Cambridge Mask a clear winner for fashion and function. ($30)


Rather than relying on the outdated HEPA filter, Molekule uses a system that destroys contaminants on a molecular level. ($799) 

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Mamaki Tea

Of the 15 varieties of the Hawaiian medicinal Mamaki plant, the Purple Mamaki Leaf Tea has been found to be most effective for respiratory issues. ($25)

Flight Spray

The invigorating effect of spearmint combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric make Flight Spray a great companion, in and out of the sky. ($14.95)

Air Free

The slightly futuristic-looking Airfree 300 takes in air and essentially sterilizes it at 400 degrees before cooling and releasing it back into your breathing space, all without the use of any kind of filter, so no maintenance is needed. ($199)

Mushroom Elixir

Made of a fungus that has been shown to enhance the function of our lungs, Cordyceps Elixir is an earthy way to get your daily dose. ($38 for 20 packs) 

  • Keep the air in your home free of unwanted pollutants by looking for the GREENGUARD Certification on all products that come through your door.

  • Keep an eye on, and participate in, Aircasting—an intriguing, open- source tool for gauging the safety of the air around you. With handheld and wearable sensors, you can contribute to the knowledge base for the greater good.


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